Wow! You are travelling to the USA? That’s such a great news. But wait, have you filed your ESTA application yet? If no, then waste no more time and consider doing it now.

The good thing is, this whole process can be done online. Well, you can be allowed to the USA without a visa if you are from any of the countries under the visa waiver program.

However, you will still be required to have applied for an ESTA and has been approved. This document will help you to have fewer delays during your trips thus it makes traveling a bit easier.

What really is an ESTA?

It is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is simply a document that makes the vetting process much easier when travelling to the USA.

With the current high rate of insecurities, the ESTA was introduced as a method to ensure that the person traveling does not pose any threats to the people of USA.

As said before, only those traveling from the countries under the waiver program are required to have this document. This is because they don’t need to have a visa to travel to the US.

This is among the traveling rules and regulations in these countries and sure affects them all. Those holding a visa shouldn’t apply for the ESTA. When this document is approved, you can then be allowed to stay in the USA for a period of about 90 days.

Your approved application only lasts for 2 years or until your passport expires. Once approved, you can always use it to make multiple trips to the USA as long as the 90 days period is not exceeded.

Why you need an approval

This program has been going on since 2009 and as you can see it has been around for a while. For you to be able to secure your approval, you can use a few options.

You can choose to apply through the US customs which you will have to wait for quite a while for everything to be processed. Also, you can choose to go with online application and have your documents ready within a short time.

It is important that you have everything ready before you book your travel. This will ensure that you travel with a lot of ease, without being bothered along the way. This is usually a process that is mandatory to everyone under these countries and wants to travel to the USA.

Going with online application is much faster and saves you some time. Besides, you won’t be rejected on reaching the customs. As I said above, this is a must have document if you don’t have a visa and you are from one of the countries under the waiver.

This applies even if you are just passing through the US to another country. All this is for security purposes thus ensuring the safety of the travelers too.

What happens if you don’t get an approval?

Well, this could be unfortunate but then it’s a must have document if you want to travel to the US.

Without the approval, you won’t be having the document and without the ESTA, you won’t be able to enter the USA.

But if you are already in the USA, you will be detained for the period it will take for your document to be processed.

This is just that one rule you cannot find your way round. Mostly you will just not be allowed to board flights and cruises to the USA.

When to apply

It is advised that you apply for this document at least 72 hours before booking for your travel. This document holds such importance that you can’t be allowed to get into any USA carrier on the sea or air.

The approval of the ESTA is operational for only 2 years. The earlier you apply the better. It is even possible to apply for the ESTA without any plans to travel


If you know you are coming from a country under the visa waiver program, you need to apply for this document.

You can also find some sources online on how you can apply for an ESTA. Unless you enjoy the headaches when you get stopped or detained because you don’t have an ESTA.

Apply for yours today and travel with a lot of ease.


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