You love food. No, you really love food. It’s on your mind all the time, right? Well, if you’re big into trying new things, perfect. We’re here to help, Where to eat in London has never been simpler (and food in London is literally some of the best around). We’ve collected a few highlights from the buzzing London food scene to show you the must do food experiences in London. We’ve got a bit of everything from the weird and wonderful to traditional and humble – every taste is catered for here.

1. Dans Le Noir

Translated to “in the dark”, this is what eating would be like during a power-cut or the middle of the night or if you were blind. The idea is this: complete darkness, blindfolds and no idea what’s on the menu. Talk about surprises, right? It’s a sensory experience that will definitely require courage but thankfully the food is always on point.

Dans Le Noir

2. Borough Market

This is food in London if you ever needed it. If you want fresh, good and modest food then there’s without a doubt no place better than your typical market. Borough Market, whilst not typical, has food from all over the world and the smells, colours and temptations are reason enough to make you throw your money and buy everything in sight.

Borough Market

3. Rules

Rules is the oldest restaurant in London so it deserves its place on this list. Dating back to 1789, here you can expect traditional British food in all its glory. The interior is plush and refined, almost like eating amongst a bunch of antiques. But that adds to the charm. Also their roast pineapple dessert is a revelation.

Rules – Oldest restaurant in London

4. Dining in St. Pancras’ Clock Tower

St. Pancras, one of the busiest train stations in London. Yes, it’s got restaurants but we’re not here to talk about that. Its secret clock tower holds a secret: a one-table dining experience with chef Martín Milesi. Let him cook you up a corker of a meal which you won’t forget.


5. Circus

I don’t know if it’s anyone’s idea of enjoyment when eating during what can only be described as a circus performance with acrobats and flying gymnasts but it certainly makes for a story. Imagine slurping on your Bloody Mary as people above you glide through the air performing death defying tricks… I’m in!

                                                     –Circus – London

6. Viajante

Molecular gastronomy is a turn of phrase that’s very in vogue lately but when you see the menu at Viajante, you’ll know why. It’s art meets food meets science. Not the most logical combination of all time but I’m not going to argue when you see what’s presented on the plate.


7. The Albion

Albino restaurant-

Any foodie experience in London has to have a Sunday Roast. It’s necessary. The Albion does one of the best roast dinners in London and perhaps all of the country. Their yorkshire puddings are a delight and fluffy and just what you want on a Sunday. A perfect hangover cure, if you ask us.

8. Mad Hatter Tea Party

Refinery? Check. Sophistication? Check. The tiniest sandwiches known to man? Check. French patisserie? Double check. Afternoon Tea is the combination of tea, finger sandwiches and tasty, tasty cakes. But combine that with literary madness in the form of Alice in Wonderland and you’ve got Christabel’s magnificent afternoon tea. Thank us later.

Madhatters Evening Tea party

Now finding food in London is no longer a difficult task to accomplish. Remember if you’re in London, we’ve got a few secret things to do in London that can take you to unknown little places that you wouldn’t even dream of.


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