Whether you are born and raised or visiting, there is no denying that Colorado is a state filled with natural beauty. Streams of people visit all seasons of the year and some choose to stay. Below are eight ways you can keep your local Colorado spirit strong and show it in big ways.

1 – Show Team Spirit

Anyone can let it be known they are a Denver Bronco or Colorado Avalanche fan. You can take your love of sports to a deeper level. Display banners for all of your local Colorado sports teams. Support the spirit of your local school athletes. Get involved by attending games and root for your local talent.

2 – Shop and Dine Locally

Why travel to the bigger cities if your local area offers excellent sources of products, services, and restaurants? Smaller businesses depend on local support. You will often find that the prices are somewhat comparable and the customer service experience much better. This is a great way to get to know valuable members of your community.

3 – Blog or Vlog

Start a blog or vlog that tells specific points of interest about your local area. The area may contain famous people, businesses, and fun activities that the general public is not aware of. You might help increase tourism, depending on your following. It is a great way to show genuine local pride.

4 – Volunteer for Environmental Projects

Colorado is a state filled with individuals that care about the environment. Beautiful scenery, clean air, and clean water are what attract millions to visit the area each year. Find ways to get involved and help keep the roadways, parks and open areas clean of debris and trash. Help the Department of Conservation in their efforts to protect native wildlife. There are nearly endless projects going on during every season of the year.

5 – Proudly Wear Local Gear

Proudly advertise where you are from by wearing locally designed and made tee shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and hats. Local companies like Horsetooth’d make quality gear that shows off your true Colorado spirit. Check out https://horsetoothd.com/and find the items you need that boldly demonstrate your love for all things Colorado.

6 – Support a Local Charity Event

Support a local charity event such as chili cookoffs, marathons, and walks that raise funds for the local community. You will feel empowered by helping those in your immediate area that are facing a variety of challenges. Helping with nationwide fundraisers is good, but it feels extra special to help out locally.

7 – Participate In Outdoor Activities

Days of bright sunshine, afternoons of blanketing snow, raging whitewater, mountain peaks, and endless trails are most likely responsible for bringing you to Colorado to make it a permanent home. Set aside time regularly to get outdoors and enjoy what you love most about being a local. Hunt, fish, snow ski, snowboard, hike, repel, base jump, or get involved in any number of activities that can only be enjoyed to maximum levels in Colorado.

8 – Sponsor a Neighborhood Meet n’ Greet

Get to know all of your local neighbors by sponsoring a picnic or barbecue at a local park. Nothing ramps up the local spirit more than meeting other kindred souls. You can save a little money and make it a potluck, which allows everyone to contribute something to the festivities. You will want to make this a regular event.


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