Madison Square Garden is firmly established as one of New York’s finest sporting venues, and aside from being the home of the New York Knicks and the Rangers hockey team, it hosts more than 3000 sporting events in a typical year. Midtown Manhattan is the ideal location and the arena is surrounded by eateries and sports bars that cater for the many avid sports fans that converge the area. If you have never visited MSG and would like to know more about this iconic venue, here is a brief overview of its history.

Multiple Locations

The current location of MSG is in fact the fourth since the name was first used in 1968, making it the oldest sporting arena in the New York metropolitan area, and its current location is in the Pennsylvania Plaza. The name Madison Square Garden comes from its original location in Madison Square, and after a series of moves, it arrived in Manhattan. Today, the stadium hosts basketball and hockey games, with boxing, wrestling and other sports included, and the venue regularly hosts music concerts, with the big names often in attendance.

The First and Second Garden

The first MSG was leased to P.T. Barnum and had no roof covering, so it could only be used during fine weather, and was demolished after only 11 years. The second venue had a huge investment from a group of business tycoons that included P.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, and it was the second highest building in New York at the time. The arena had permanent seating for 8,000 people, plus huge areas that included the largest restaurant in the city.

Visiting The Garden

If you wanted to watch your favourite team play, there are online suppliers of Madison Square Garden tickets, and this is the preferred way to make a booking, as the tickets are often sold out within hours of going on sale. Online ticket agents make the process so convenient, and you do want to make sure you have a ticket, rather than simply turning up and hoping.

Expensive Renovations

MSG has had extensive revamps during its history, with more than U$ 1 billion being spent in the four decades since its creation. The layout is such that the spectators have great visibility and with huge screens everywhere, you won’t miss any of the action, and with all the amenities you would expect at a world class sporting venue. The current MSG is recognised as being one of the best city venues, which is why there are so many events held every year, and with the surrounding businesses catering for spectators, this part of Manhattan is definitely sports oriented.

If you are planning to go and sample the spectating experience, get there a few hours early and you can explore the immediate area, where there are some excellent eateries. Buy your tickets online and then you can relax and have a few beers in one of the many bars nearby.



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