Food and drinks are essential to bring on a camping/picnic trip. Make sure that you have all your meals for each day of your trip. There may be breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you. Don’t bring anything that you usually don’t eat. Because if you don’t eat that thing on the trip too chances are that it might get rotten. It just depends on what your plans are. The best foods are foods that you can bring to cover multiple meals. You can bring eggs or some sort of deli meat. But you must just plan out each meal and make sure you have enough to get you through the trip.

I want my coffee:

Snacks are a great item to have with you. In case you’re going on a hike. Or out on a little excursion. Just from your campsite. You need snacks to fulfill your hunger other than meals. Don’t forget your condiments. If you go camping, a lot of times those are easy to remember. If you’re cooking burgers, you want some ketchup and mustard. If you’re making sandwiches, you want your mustard and mayonnaise. Depending on what you like, you want to pay some drinks other than water with you. You know just to make camping something where you’re not roughing it as much. This also includes coffee. Which, I must have coffee every morning.

It’s just an excellent way to start the day. It makes camping that much more enjoyable. To sip on your coffee by the campfire in the morning. And just kind of adjust to the day. Ok, bring plenty of water. So bring plenty of potable water. But also bring some containers for non-potable water. I always go with way too much water. It’s always better to have too much that you don’t use and you can bring home. But plan on having a lot of water with you. You never know what it’s going to be like when you get there. The non-potable water is nice.

Large water containers are very helpful indeed!

A lot of times you can find a facet at the campsite. You can fill water through it. You can also use it for cleaning your dishes. Or just putting out your campfire. Different things like that. But it’s good to have plenty of both potable and non-potable water at your campsite. The potable water most likely you’ll have to bring in with you. With the non-potable water you’ll just bring a large container or a tank. If there is no facet on the camp, you must bring water from a lake or a river near your camp. This is the case if you run out of the water.

Sanitization is a must:

Personal items to bring are could just be as little as a toothbrush or your toiletries. Or only the things to get ready in the morning. If you don’t bring these personal items you can brush your teeth with a clean small stick of tree. You will be amazed that how this stick will help in not only cleaning your teeth but also whitening them.

Usually, it’s nice to have a headlamp or bring your own flashlight with you. But this is a personal item that almost everybody needs when they’re on a camping trip. When you’re in your camping tent, make sure to clean them first and watch for some bugs, spiders or scorpions as they like warm places. There are a lot of best camping tents in the market you can grab one if you want.


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