If you are planning on escaping the typical family get together for Christmas this year you might be considering going on a road trip or even caravanning across the country. Taking your own car on holiday can sometimes work out more beneficial that taking the train or plane. Traveling by car eliminates the need for a baggage allowance which means you can take whatever you want with you. However, if you have a small boot or you are traveling with a lot of people there might not be enough space. If this is the case, then you might be considering a trailer as a solution to your problems. The very nature of a trailer means that they are only used from time to time and then left in the garage for the rest of the year. Just like your regular car tyres they need to be active to avoid rust and to prevent the oils from drying out. There are some checks that you need to make before taking out your trailer again.

Tyre Pressure

All tyres lose pressure over a prolonged period and your trailer tyres are no exception. It is important to check the tyre pressure on your trailer before you take it out for the first time after an extended period. Over or under inflated tyres can affect the steering on the trailer and even your car so you should make sure you are checking it against the user’s manual often. If you find any lumps or bumps on your tyres you might need to check out tyres online for a replacement.

Spare Tyres

If you are looking to replace your trailer tyres, you should check and understand the information marked on the walls of the tyres already fitted on the trailer. This information is to inform you of the type of replacement that can be fitted in other to match up to the other. If you are looking at tyres online, you should make sure that you include information pertaining to the tyre size profile and air pressure per square inch.


The lifespan of trailer tyres and car tyres are very different, the trailer tyres can outlive your car tyres because of their thick and stiff sidewalls. Also, because trailer tyres contain stiff rubber compounds that reduces roll resistance. That is good fuel economy but does little for traction, which is important for the car in front.

Tow ball and connections

You should also be checking that the trailer is securely connected to the tow ball or pin, if you are in doubt of the direction or anything else you should check the manufacturer’s advice. Finally, you should be checking that the core cable plug is undamaged and if it is you should make sure you replace it before taking the trailer out.


Check that there is no damage to the lights of the trailer and that they are all working correctly. Not only is this important for your vehicle, it is also a legal requirement. If stopped, you run the risk of getting fine or even worse points on your license.


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