Monterey is a stunning Central California locale that boasts amazing natural beauty, friendly locals, fascinating culture and diverse and mouthwatering dining opportunities. That’s why it’s no surprise that it’s home to a vast number of hotels. If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Monterey, you don’t have to panic. These five useful tips can help you secure a fantastic Monterey hotel room that won’t hurt your finances in any way.

  1. Reserve a Travel Package: Travel packages can do a lot for people who are interested in cheap hotels in Monterey. These packages can make excellent options for travelers who need to make arrangements for lodging and transportation. If you want to reserve a Monterey hotel room that’s affordable and comfortable, you should head to a popular travel site such as Travelocity, Hotwire or Priceline. Reserving accommodations and airplane tickets simultaneously may be able to give you access to considerable savings.

  2. Reap the Benefits of Your Connections: Being connected in this world can help a lot. That’s why you should always take advantage of any useful connections you may have. If you work for the government, you may be eligible for reduced room rates at many Monterey hotels. Professionals who work for certain large corporations are often eligible to receive similar reduced rates. If you want to save money on lodging in Monterey, you should make a point to ask about any corporate or government rates that may be in place.

  3. Secure a Guest Room That Isn’t Refundable: People who wish to save money on lodging in Monterey should try to secure guest rooms that aren’t refundable. If you pay beforehand to secure a unit that’s non-refundable, you should be able to save a pretty penny. Many prominent hotel chains are great for travelers who pay beforehand. They’re often great for travelers who opt for non-refundable accommodations as well. There are quite a few Monterey hotels that offer money saving incentives to guests who secure non-refundable rooms.

  4. Reserve Your Guest Room on the Right Day: If you want to steer clear of exorbitant hotel room rates in Monterey, you need to reserve your lodging on the right day or days of the week. There are many Monterey hotels that tend to be quite packed on weekends. These hotels, however, are often comparatively vacant during the week. If you want to avoid the annoyance of sky-high room rates, you should aim to reserve a guest room during a quieter period for your hotel.

5. Become a Member of a Loyalty Club: People who want to save money on Monterey hotel rooms should always sign up for available loyalty programs. If you want to take advantage of rewards, a loyalty club membership can help you do so. These memberships can be particularly valuable to people who do a lot of traveling. If you plan on coming back to Monterey time and time again, you should think seriously about becoming part of any hotel loyalty clubs that are available to you.


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