If you’re getting tired of the same old routine in Bligthy, and with all of the political and social turmoil that seems to be making life stressful at this point in history, then there’s an easy solution: leave! With migration being easier than it ever has been, there’s never been a better time to resettle in another part of the world. Depending on the outcome of the recently-commenced Brexit negotiations, you might find that you need to make a decision sooner rather than later if you’re looking to resettle in Europe – but even if you’re travelling to the other side of the planet, there’s no reason for an extensive delay.

Let’s look at ten of the cities that might come up on your radar:


The Czech Republic is just a short flight away, and so expats here will be able to travel back and forth without much inconvenience. The architecture in the city will make any visit here memorable, and it boasts some of the best beer on the continent – and therefore the world!


This part of the world is, despite what you might think of it, an attractive place to live. The buildings brim with a sense of history, the cuisine is distinctive and easy to fall in love with, and the music and culture are all agreeable. The property market is also sure to draw in bargain-hungry twenty-somethings. The only thing standing in your way, in other words, is a language barrier.


If you fancy settling in the Far East, then Thailand is a land with a great deal of promise. It’s culturally similar to many of its neighbouring countries in this part of the world, but lacks the prohibitive price-point. Once you’ve paid for your flight, you’ll find that life is exceptionally affordable!


Australia is a part of the world that’s brimming with sunshine and surf – and this is especially so in New South Wales. Settle here and you’ll never be more than a few hour’s drive from a place of natural beauty. What’s more, there’s no language barrier to overcome. Jobs in Australia for UK citizens are relatively easy to come by, and thus many of us are choosing to emigrate to Australia.


Closer to home, this German city is among Europe’s most prosperous. The cuisine and nightlife alone make it worth a visit – but you might find yourself having such a good time that you’d prefer to stay for even longer. The city is a major transport hub for the entire continent, making it a good place from which to mount further trips in Europe.


Dubai is famous for being packed to bursting with towering skyscrapers, all of which glitter in the Arabian sunshine. For that reason alone, it’s worth a visit – but the plethora of shopping and eating opportunities are also sure to leave you wanting more. If you’re planning to settle here, you’ll need to overcome some cultural hurdles – observing the religious modesty laws and the language barrier being just two of them.


In much the same way as Australia, New Zealand is among the best places for would-be expats from the west to consider. Not only does everyone there speak English, but the country is filled with rolling countryside and natural beauty. The quality of life enjoyed in this part of the world is, according to almost every objective measure, excellent.


If you’re able to overcome the cultural hurdles you’ll encounter as soon as you step out from the airport, you’ll find that Singapore is an incredibly inviting place to set up a new life. It’s famous for its exceptionally low tax burden, which affords everyone living there the freedom to choose their own path in life. With that said, you might find it markedly tricky to obtain citizenship.


This Austrian city offers luxury and opulence in substantial amounts – but it doesn’t cost quite so much as similar European cities. As such, it’s an attractive option for those able to speak German. Being just a short trip from the Alps and the Mediterranean, it’s also perfect for those looking to enjoy skiing in the winter and beach trips in the summer.


Unlike the other entries on this list, this location isn’t a city, but a whole country (albeit a very small one). It enjoys plentiful sunshine and a famously laid-back approach to life. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to investigate further!


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