You’ve gone to all of the obvious vacation hotspots and even done some research to find hidden gems. The destination has never been West Virginia, however, yet it’s been on your east coast hit list. Therefore, it makes sense to continue researching your vacation target. Here’s what’s worth seeing in West Virginia.

New River Gorge

There are plenty of activities and sights to see around New River. It’s among the oldest rivers on the continent and host to fun water sports like rafting, tubing, fishing, etc. New River Bridge is one of the nation’s most beloved photo spots. There is 70,000 acres of preserved land nearby and ensures that visitors can easily transfer from water to land sports.

Seneca Caverns

The formation of the caverns is thought to have started over 400 million years ago. A local farmer, looking for water, stumbled into the caverns that attract visitors from all over the globe. The largest inner chamber rises 60 feet in some places. Tours go well under 150 feet from the entrance.

Blackwater Falls State Park

The falls are accessible all year for those who want to get an eye full of water pouring over sandstone. The falls drop 60 feet before the water makes way into an eight-mile gorge. Elekala and Pendleton Falls are nearby and can be seen from the road. A boathouse services those interested in boating, fishing, and swimming.

Harpers Ferry

This is where historians cross with tourists and hikers. The grounds offer 20 miles of hiking trails. The national park of the same name has museums, exhibits, and historical based programs for adults and kids. A visiting center associated with a leg of the Appalachian Trail is on the premises.

State Capitol

The 293-foot dome is a tribute to both Greek and Roman architecture. In addition to white marble from Vermont, more than 700 train carloads of limestone from the immediate area was used in the construction that took place between 1924 to 1932. The capitol’s magnificence is a short ride from the Marriott Charleston Town Center hotel.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

The altitude of 4,700 feet means the park rests on West Virginia’s third-highest vantage point. Take a 4.5-mile trip to haul lumber on a steam-powered Shay locomotive. Those who preserve the sight and land do a lot to recreate the feeling of the 1940s. At the base, walk through a museum or rent homes provided to workers decades ago.


The massive resort presents you with a lot of choices. The basin has 38 trails. Silver Creek has 18 trails and most are open for night skiing. The western territory offers steep drops and advanced trails. If you’re not an avid skier, enjoy geocaching, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and a lot more.

West Virginia Penitentiary

It may seem odd to visit this site that looks like a gothic fortress but don’t worry prisoners haven’t been here since 1995. As with most sites where questionable things happened, it’s thought to be haunted and is an attraction for paranormal happenings as well.


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