There are plenty of things that people do while they travel. While many passengers crib about the traveling time the train is taking; there are many fellow passengers who always make the most of their journeys. It is not about how lengthy your train trip is; it is all about how you use the time.

Is It Your First Time?

In case it is the first time that you are going on a long train journey then it is better for you to carry habits to kill time. The best things you can do is, just order food from train and satisfy your stomach. Once you are full, you can doze for some time. This way, some of your time will get utilized. After all, in this busy world, amidst tight schedules and so many commitments, people hardly get find to sleep or take rest. So, while you are on a trip, just take naps or sleep for some time to feel relaxed and fresh. Or you can also roam in the compartment for some change after naps!

Music: A train Companion

There can be nothing more happening and vibrant than having music with you. No matter how long your traveling journey is, you can listen to music to kill time. You can carry extra charger banks so as to keep your mobiles charged. Similarly, it is also great if you simply hum songs while you are sitting in train. This way, music keeps you uplifted and light. You feel no tiredness or boredom. Just pick the songs you love the most and listen to them or sing them. If you are with your friends or family members, then you can play musical games like antakshri. Music indeed makes things better and more happening.

Read a Book

Come on, you cannot say that you don’t get time for reading books. While you are traveling by train, just carry along your favourite book and read it. This way, your time will get utilized in the best manner and you can read the story, novel or tale you were trying to read since long. Not just books, you can also go through magazines and other stuff for a more pleasant and fine trip.

Even if you forget to carry any book or magazine, there are always venders out there. So, just grab the magazines or books that excite you and make your journey interesting. If needed, you can also go for newspaper and read about the happenings of world. After all, what is more beautiful than utilizing your time in the best manner?


Thus, all in all, there is no denying that you have a bucket full of activities to do. You can carry out a great journey once you have these things on your place. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends, these things can make your journey exciting and free from stress. So, whenever you are out for your next train journey, make sure that you keep these things in mind.


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