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One of the best escapes for a holiday is to fly to Cape Town in South Africa. While you are planning your trip, make sure that you book a stay at one of the villas in the city. Exclusive villas can be found at the following locales:

  • Camps Bay
  • Clifton
  • Bantry Bay
  • Llandudno/Hout Bay
  • Constantia
  • V & A Waterfront

Enjoy a Beach Holiday

Villas in these areas allow you to luxuriate when you are not enjoying area dining or visiting the attractions and sites. Some of the villas are located next to the beach, thereby making them superb accommodations for the beach lover or anyone who loves water sports. Get an idea on what’s on offer in Cape Town.

Visiting Table Mountain

Indeed, Cape Town is an excellent place to spend a holiday as it lies on the southwest coast of South Africa. Table Mountain stands guard over the city while cable cars ascend to the flat top of the incline. Travelling to the top is well worth the effort as you are provided with panoramic views of the city and port.

Other Must-See Attractions

Besides Table Mountain, some of the other attractions that you will want to include on your travel itinerary include the following:

  • Table Mountain National Park, which offers beautiful hiking trails.
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, which features a nature reserve and garden. The site is home to various rare species of plants and walking trails.
  • The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is comprised of businesses, homes, shops, and restaurants and is considered a major residential and commercial hub.
  • Robben Island is an isle located in Table Bay. The name is a Dutch word that translates to “seal island”. The island is famous as it features the prison where Nelson Mandela was held. The prison is currently a living museum.

See Wildlife up Close

If you want to plan a trip to a unique part of the world and experience luxurious amenities at Cape Town holiday villas, you will enjoy booking a trip and accommodation in Cape Town. For anyone who wants a nice change of pace, Cape Town offers this opportunity. Not only is the weather warm but you can hike or walk to your heart’s content. Take time now to explore the city online. You will find that it is an idyllic place to see wildlife up close.

Other Places to Explore

Besides Cape Town, you may also want to visit other nearby cities such as Johannesburg or Pretoria. Pretoria, which is located in the Gauteng Province, is also known as Jacaranda City. That is because thousands of jacaranda trees grow in the administrative capital. The administrative capital includes the president’s offices and was the site for the inauguration of Nelson Mandela. While in Pretoria, you can also see the Voortrekker Monument, a memorial that honours Afrikaans pioneers.

The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg, which is also the capital of Gauteng province. It was known historically as a gold-mining town in the 1800s. You can find the former residence of Nelson Mandela, which is now the Mandela House Museum, in Johannesburg too. Taking time out to visit the other cities will make your stay in Cape Town all the more interesting. Use Cape Town as your hub for seeing all the attractions and towns in the South African nation.


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