Gin has always held a special place in the hearts of U.K. drinkers. It might have first been consumed in Holland, but the U.K. embraced gin early on and its distillers continue to push the envelope for what is possible. That might be why gin was the most popular it’s ever been in 2016 and that trend seems likely to continue in 2017 and beyond.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of gin is that there are new variations of U.K.-produced gin being released each year. Lots of new flavors and scores of small-run brands that are hard-to-find. The downside of that ever-expanding selection is that it can be hard to decide which brands and flavors to choose from.

While every person’s preferences are a bit different, here are a few brands of gin that most experts agree are great picks for any gin lover:

Edinburgh Gin has subtle floral notes that will leave with the just the slightest hint of heather, juniper and coriander. Head distiller David Wilkinson recommends serving the gin with an orange peel to bring out the complete range of the drink.

The Lakes Gin is made in Cumbria and in this case its the pure water from the River Derwent that gives the gin its distinctive taste. It’s a crisp gin, with just a hint of heather and meadowsweet. Perfect when accompanied with a slice of citrus, ideally lemon or lime.

Star Of Bombay comes from a distillery in Hampshire and it’s the slight spicy notes that sets this gin apart from other brands. Add a slice of orange for a great late night drink.


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