If you’re looking forward to your upcoming family vacation, you should also be looking forward to all the videos and photos you will take while you and your family are away. Family vacations always come to an end, but it’s the memories we make that last us a lifetime of joy.  

If you ever find yourself worried about checking out the personal injury law firm Toronto, checking out some family photos and videos will cheer you up.  This is why you need to create family videos that will you share and cherish with pride with your friends and other family members. Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you create unique family travel videos:

  • Have The Viewer in Mind

Great travel begins when you carry your camera on the trip; it starts even before you start sifting through the footage and also before you get home. So instead of just recording what appeals to your fancy, try and be more strategic. Think about who will be viewing the video after you shoot and edit it.

If you want to children to see them when they grow up, make sure you put some clips of you explaining some crucial aspects and quality moments. If you are aiming to have your kids’ grandparents view the video, then make sure you capture how your kids enjoyed the trip. Whatever you need to have the viewer in mind while you are recording or shooting the video.

  • Make it about The Family

However necessary it is to get those fantastic sunrise and sunset shots, the family on the trip are the ones that matter most. Besides, anyone can easily Google scenery photos or online videos of the places you visit.

At some point, it is also essential to give the camera to other family members. It will be essential to see what they also enjoyed viewing while on the trip. Have fun and interview your family and record their viewpoint on certain issues, it will be fun to watch their reactions years later. Record the family having lunch, leaving the hotel, playing board games, whatever it is making sure you record those moments.

  • Make Audio a Crucial Part of the Video

Do not just focus on the how the video looks; you also need to focus on how the video sounds as well. How the family and you too sound in the video is the essence of the memories you enjoyed while on the trip.

When editing, consider minimizing types of noise pollutions like crowds buzzing which can be distracting to your family member’s voices. If you could, try and get an external mic. Some cameras and smartphones can hook up to external mic and provide better recording sound quality.

You can also record the narration after shooting the vacation video and then edit it into the video. That could be a great way to explain some of the scenes in the video. You can also add music after editing the video to make it enjoyable. Adding music helps you make the video more engaging and also set the mood of the video.


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