Do not like how you come out in the photographs? Do you hate photo reports? Every time you see a camera, you run to hide? Unfortunately, we are not all photogenic that we would like, and that is to face a camera, pose, smile, intensify the look, be natural … and finally, go well and see us favored is an art. If the selfies and photos is not your thing, do not worry because we bring you a list of infallible tricks to go well in the photos. These are tips that many professional photographers use and that really work, put them into practice and you’ll see how you want to share your snapshots with everyone!

The ideal posture

The most important thing to be favored in any photograph is to adopt a good body posture. Nothing to look like Quasimodo with his back bent or completely straight and stretched like a broomstick. The ideal? Keep your back straight, put your shoulders back and take a tad of ass, but that’s only a tad. Other tricks that do not fail to come out incredible in the snapshots is to keep the elbows slightly separated from the body, to leave the weight of the body on one hip and not to bring the legs together completely. With that, your pose will be 10!

Avoid being in front

What comes out front in a photograph is anything but flattering and attractive, but what do you tell me about the so hated passport photos? Better pay attention to the advice of professional photographers and stand slightly sideways in front of the camera lens. The result is a much more stylized figure and a more natural and relaxed posture.

Position the chin well

To disguise jowls in photographs tend to raise your chin? Well, you should stop doing this gesture and it is very possibly the cause that you do not get very favored / a in your photographs. To enhance the attractiveness of the face, the secret is to slightly advance the head and lower the chin a little, without bending the neck too much. Try it and you will notice the difference instantly!

Where do I look?

There are many who, when taking photographs, ask themselves at what exact point they should look. For all of them, professional photographers recommend not looking directly at the lens of the camera, but looking at a corner of the camera or looking into the eyes of the person behind the camera.

A very valuable trick for a natural look and nothing forced is to close your eyes for 3 seconds and open them just at the moment of shooting.

The infallible look: ‘Squinch’

If most of your photographs you stay portrayed a frightened face you get beat no matter how hard they try, join the ‘ squinch ‘. You do not know what it is? This is the pose used by many models and celebrities to come out with a super seductive and attractive look in all their selfies and photographic reports. You just have to squint a little, enough to gain confidence and transmit confidence in yourself. Practice the pose in front of the mirror and you will see how in a few seconds you master it perfectly.

Watch your mouth!

What do I do with my mouth, smile, keep myself serious, and show my teeth…? If these are the doubts that assail you every time you stand in front of the camera, with the following trick your problem will be more than solved. Forget about putting chicks or show an exaggerated smile, it is best to open the mouth slightly keeping lips slightly apart, without showing too much teeth and relaxed face. This pose has become fashionable among celebrities and has become his best weapon to get spectacular in the photographs; discover much more in the article what the Fish Gape is – tendencies in selfies.

Be natural

The most important trick to get it right in the photos is to bet on the naturalness and be completely relaxed. Leave the exaggerated postures for the models, do not put forced faces, do not make funny faces and you will see how your image improves enormously in front of the camera.

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Article Source: Tape Daily


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