Tadoba is supposed to be an extensive wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra, India with an impressive population of rare animal species, amazing birdlife, and a broad variety of flora. This wildlife sanctuary is known predominantly for conserving the endangered tiger species, the Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Tiger sightings are a common affair in the Tadoba National Park. It is the destination to head for if you are interested in wildlife photography or a jungle safari. There are many interesting things that you could do here with your family, especially, children.

Some Important Facts about Tadoba

  • Tadoba is renowned for its population of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and is about 120 to 140 kilometers away from Nagpur in India.
  • Tadoba National Park could be accessed from both Moharli and Kolara gates.
  • Tadoba National Park encompasses the Telia Lake that is known for prolific tiger sightings.
  • Tadoba boasts of over 60 tigers and it is known for a very high TSI. It is the second national park after Bandhavgarh that boasts of such prolific tiger sightings.
  • Tadoba is the natural habitat of a host of other wild animals including the sloth bear, gaur, wild dog, and many others. The National Park is known for its splendid bird life.
  • Tadoba is known for its picturesque natural settings and serene environment.

Find out about the activities while booking a room in one of the resorts at Tadoba National Park and plan accordingly for a smooth and enjoyable wildlife vacation.

Some Interesting Activities

Chief activities would include Nature Walk, Jeep Safari, and Bird Watching among many others.

Enjoy Nature Walks

Tadoba is known for its scenic beauty and serene environment. The constant chirping of birds in the background, while you take a walk exploring the bounties of nature; it could be a truly joyous experience. You could spend some time early in the morning taking a walk through the enthralling landscape and lush greenery all around. Walking through the pristine forests could be a fulfilling experience like never before.

Take a Thrilling Jungle Safari

Tadoba National Park is known for its biodiversity and is, therefore, a tourist hot spot. It has numerous animal species including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Striped Hyena, Sambhar, Marsh Crocodile, Spotted Deer, Indian Star Tortoise, Indian Python, more than 190 bird species and at least, 74 kinds of butterflies. A jungle safari could be a thrilling and enlightening experience for you and your family. Moreover, there is every chance for you to encounter the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger as TSI is really high in the pristine Tadoba forests. Hire the services of an experienced tour guide who would be there for you every step of the way. Carry some snacking items along and enjoy a great picnic.

Indulge in Fascinating Wildlife Photography

During the jungle safari, you could encounter many rare animals. So, take as many photographs as you can. Moreover, the natural settings are simply mesmerizing so photography is a must. You are in the lap of nature so enjoy while you can. Take pictures of exotic plants and trees and the lovely streams and lakes.

Visiting Villages

It is just not enough to visit the tourist hot spots only. You must enjoy the local feel and flavor by visiting villages such as Adegaon, Moharli, and Khosla for observing and understanding the lifestyle, culture, cuisine, and art of life. You could visit the Earai Dam and the Tadoba Lake. Take a walk along the Tadoba Lake and you would be delighted to see so many different species of birds. It is known that there are more than 200 bird species near the lake and this includes amazing water birds too.

Enjoy Shopping

You could visit Palasgaon. This village is renowned for its amazing variety of authentic bamboo items that are crafted here. Some of the bamboo items that tourists could buy as gifts or mementos are baskets, lamp shades, vases, furniture, kitchen items and even bins and many more other bamboo knick knacks. You get the opportunity of watching local craftsmen chisel away all day at bamboo shoots,


If you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, this is the destination to head for. If you are looking for some adventure come to Tadoba. The jungle safari is definitely the highlight of Tadoba National Park.

Author Bio: Janet Smith is a wildlife journalist who loves adventure, nature and wildlife photography. She had visited the Tadoba National Park in India last summer. She recommends early booking at http://www.tigersheavenresort.co.in/


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