DCT or ‘Dubai Cruise Tourism’ is one of the departments in Dubai’s ‘Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing’ (DTCM) and is accountable for all encouraging world-wide marketing of the emirate for cruise tourism. This Department as well works in accord with DP World which is, terminal and port operator, to make certain that operations are smooth, and that experience is world-class and extended to all visitors at the cruise terminals that are state-of-the-art and located in Mina Rashid.

Cruise Tourism

DCT is the point contact of all parties inside the Cruise Tourism business such; tour operators, ship agents, and cruise lines and other government bodies such as Immigration, Customs, CID, Dubai Police and DP World to make sure that port calls are smooth, safe and swift.

Cruise terminals

These purpose-built cruise terminals make sure that any international visitors arriving for Dubai cruises are well taken care of and are giving world-class service that is based on a sense of strong Arabian hospitality.

Largest and modern

Dubai has one of the more modern and largest port capacity in the Middle East for cruise processes across over 36,500 sqm of a pier stretched of 2200m. This facility allows Dubai to handle comfortably total passenger loading and unloading of 6 cruise ships at the same time and help to make firm Dubai’s place as a leading hub for cruises in this region.

Spend a few days in Dubai

Stay a few days in Dubai – before or after your cruise. With sun year-round and combination of beach and desert, Dubai is a perfect setting where you can get excited by activities of high-adrenaline. Rocket around the Gulf in a speedboat or race the route in a race car, ski The World, free-fall over Palm Jumeirah, paddleboard on the coast or swim with sharks and dolphins. You can leave the city and go to a bash in the dune in the desert or ascend over the sand in a hot air balloon. Secure your harness, seatbelt or helmet – it is going to be an exciting ride.


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