The Lenovo HW02 Smart Wristband brandishes a 0.42-inch (40 x 72 pixels) OLED touch screen, which is covered up inside the band itself. The daylight deceivability of the band is amazingly poor and you can scarcely observe the details when you are open air anyway, it is better than average when you are inside. The show demonstrates date and day, steps taken, calories consumed, heart rate and battery pointer. You can check all the previously mentioned details by essentially tapping the little catch on the show. The band does not wake up for the most part in the primary endeavor and you should turn your hand for a few times to wake it naturally.

Fabricate Quality and Designing

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband to some degree seems like a common wellness band. The screen is scratch safe with the respectable pixel determination of 40 x 72. The OLED screen is .42 inch wide and has an immaculate touch key mode. I for one utilized the watch and watched that it was entirely simple to peruse underneath the daylight while wearing the watch. In addition, regardless of the possibility that you tend to be reckless with the watch, there would be no scratches by any stretch of the imagination. They customizable watch-style catch is quite recently enough to save a lot of space on the wrist.

The Band Quality

The band of the watch is comprised of skin-accommodating TPU material that incorporates a metallic clasp. The shading accessible for the watch incorporates orange, beat up. The waterproof IP67 is only an extraordinary alternative for conveying the watch outside.


The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband is inserted with 512k memory control. The heart rate screen, pedometer and the extra wellbeing following highlights make the watch such a great amount of unique in relation to whatever is left of all the stock accessible at this value run. The watch would give you the absolute most remarkable highlights like an inactive update, rest checking, calorie counter and movement following. It can go about as your update by pinging you for the got and missed calls, SMS and solicitations.

Battery Performace

Discussing the battery of the watch, it is again very amazing. With 60mah batterypower, the watch is capacitated to have a standby time of up to 15 days. It takes around 2 hours for the watch to get charged when you embed it with a nil battery level.

Extra Features of Lenovo Smartband

  • The watch would see your real style like rest, heart rate, calorie utilization and movement
  • You get every one of the notices from the online networking accounts.
  • Firmware establishment
  • Capacitated to set quiet alerts with the goal that it awakens you when you rest for a really long time
  • Sedentary updates

Tracks the Number of Steps Taken

Since the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband is a calorie counter, it would tally the aggregate number of steps that you take in a day. The watch would consequently reset itself and would give you a chance to track your correct movements and motions for the duration of the day.

Heart Rate Counter

Following the correct heart rate is one of the real offering purposes of the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smartband. You can set up activated on request with the goal that you come to know the real changes that occur for the duration of the day.

Rest Quality

Rest following alludes to the method in which a wellness band tracks the rest breakdown of the client. It would identify your profound rest, shallow rest, and the normal heart rate.


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