We all feel amazed when we visit a place for the very first time right? You always will love a good place when you see it for the first time.

This is why photographers usually look for new good locations for shooting. Well, when you are just getting started with photography, you will always feel excited as everyplace you see will seem to be a good place.

This can turn to be difficult for you if you don’t strive to find new locations and you will be forced to start looking for the places you had visited previously. I believe everyone would love to travel across the globe when looking for good photo shoot locations.

But this might be difficult to do since many photographers don’t have the time or the means to do it. This forces you to be creative and find good locations that are just around the place you stay.

If you are among the photographers who are finding it difficult to get a good photo shoot location, the following tips might be able to help.

  • Use applications

Due to technology, we can now be able to find a location by simply getting the data on it. Thanks to things like Google maps, street views and Google earth as they have made it easy to find geographical locations.

But then there is this great app known as stuck on earth from stuck in customs. This app will usually takes a Flickr location data and fuse it with some beautiful and amazing map.

With this app, you don’t only get useful locations but you also get to have the photographs that have been taken before by other photographers from the same location. Well, this app has an incredibly amazing features that will help you as a photographer to find an amazing location for your work.

  • Joining a photo club

This also comes in as one of the best methods to find a good location for photography. Try going out and meet new people who are local to the area.

Well, even if you have stayed in a place for a long period of time, you will always find a person that knows about a place you haven’t visited yet or he can bring a new perspective to a place you may have thought you’ve been.

When you join a photo club you might be able to find some new locations from the photo walks usually held by these clubs.

You will always find some good experience in this hence it is also a recommended method to use when trying to find a new and great amazing locations.

  • Visiting locations at night

Well, when it comes to photography, all you need is an idea. This means there are some other techniques you can use to make a place feel amazing for your photo shoot.

Maybe you don’t have to find a new location, you just have to visit the place during the night. When the night changes, our perspective of the world usually changes.

This would often change even the way you will see a place that is familiar to you. Visiting a location at night can bring you a new challenge in the world of photography as it can push your camera to new limits of capturing low light images.

Well, we all have seen photographs taken at night and how amazing they often look right? This also comes with a lot of fun of course.

  • Using guide books

Guide books are nowadays on a different level. With guide books, you will be able to access a lot of good tools available online.

However, a great guiding book should include multiple features like a friendly voice that will help in guiding you to these locations.

They should be able to give out information such as where you should park, what to expect in these areas and what the best time should be for visiting a particular place.

Some guide books will even o as far as telling you how difficult hiking a place is. That’s if you are intending to visit a place with hills or a mountain with cliffs.

  • Explore your way around

Sometimes nothing else works for you but then you just have to find a great location. You can give yourself this challenge and try finding a new place by yourself.

Just get into your car, fuel it, pick a particular direction and hit the road. Chances are, you will probably find yourself in a new town with a lot of new things to see.

This can be a good and fun activity if you get to do it with a friend.


Well, photography has been with us for quite some time now and I dint think taking photographs will stop any soon.

This is a good way of preserving memories. Without photography, we wouldn’t be able to learn about those who existed before us or even know the places we haven’t visited yet existed.

If you get to visit an amazing place and you are having a great experience, don’t hesitate to capture this memory and keep it on a photograph.


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