When it comes to travelling from Mumbai to Bangalore, surely, there are several options of routes in front of you. However, how would you make sure that your chosen route won’t offer you a bumpy ride but a smooth one? Let’s compare the different travel options; flight Vs road Vs train from Mumbai to Bangalore in this post.

Those who are frequent travellers would know the pain of travelling from one city to another. On the top of that, if your journey isn’t smooth enough, it leaves no good memories but exhaustion at the end of the day. Earlier, it would be easy to make a choice because cost would be a major differentiating factor between different modes. However, thanks to low cost airlines like Spicejet, Go Air, Indigo airlines, etc, now flights are giving tough competition to the other modes of transport.

If you are contemplating to make your way from Mumbai to Bangalore, whether because of professional or personal reasons; it is extremely important to select the best route. And, what is that? Read on to know more.

  1. Flight: Fast and Efficient

If you are not patient and tolerant enough to sit in any other public or private transport and waste several hours on the journey, taking a flight would be the best option for you. Moreover, you can easily find several direct Mumbai Bangalore flights. Also, the aerial distance from Mumbai to Bangalore is 842 km, which flights can cover in approximately 2 hours. So, if it is a last-minute trip or you want your journey to be smooth, fast, and efficient, taking a flight would be the best choice.

  1. Road: Bus or Car

If you are thinking to take a bus from Mumbai to Bangalore, you would have to spend more than 18 hours in the bus to reach your destination. On the contrary, if you are taking your own vehicle, the journey may seem to be easier but extremely prolonged. One of the common routes that people prefer taking covers eight different places, such as Mumbai-Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Dharwar-Hubli-Chitradurga-Tumkur-Bangalore. This entire route may take more than 15 hours to reach your destination as the distance would be approximately 984.7 km.

  1. Train: Last but not The Least

Last but not the least; another option will be to travel via train. Bangalore has two major railway stations, Yesvantpur Junction and Bangalore City Railway Station. You can even book a direct train seat from Mumbai to Bangalore Cantt, and it will be nothing but easier for you to travel by train, considering if you don’t have any problem with long journeys. If you are taking a rail route, it may take almost a day, which is 24 hours to reach Bangalore. You can get a ticket reserved beforehand so that you wouldn’t have to face problems later.

So, these are 3 top ways of travelling from Mumbai to Bangalore. Based on the efficiency and your preference, you can take any route. If you are going by flight, you can compare flights from different airlines. Travel by road will be excruciatingly long. But if you enjoy journeys, it will be a great experience. Lastly, if you are taking a train, don’t forget to get the seat reserved.


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