Got bored of traditional vacations where you often get limited for places to visit? It seems like the right time to consider sailing, especially when the season is right here and you lack out of time to prepare for other activities.
If you choose Malta as your summer destination, you got the perfect choice and an upcoming holiday full of things to uncover, places to enjoy and lovely little spots to discover – simply and uniquely: on your boat.

While renting a boat in Malta opens whole new fractions of the story of Malta. The endless sea and the trio of islands set in the heart of Mediterranean make sailing a perfectly logical choice for exposing the best of Malta.

If you were thinking on staying in Malta for just few days and think they are enough for exploring the must-see’s here, it’s time to change your mind. As tiny as this archipelago of beautiful islands is – it is full of hidden places where you will want to stay forever. Or at least for few weeks.
So where to start from?

The musts while sailing in Malta

While many of the new and luxurious resorts of Malta can relax you up to a point where you wouldn’t want to live the place – wandering beyond these resorts and uncovering the life that has a history of thousands of years seems like a noteworthy decision.

If you plan on starting your trip in the peak of season, you may need some tips on how to handle the crowdedness, especially when it comes to the popular sandy beaches.

The good way to start your trip around Malta, once you anchored is to unwind the ancient places such as the Catacombs in Rabat, the St. Agatha’s Crypt and the must see – the underground necropolis dating from 3600 BC – the Hal SaflieniHipogeum.

Another thing you just cannot miss while sailing around Malta are the old towns – easily approachable by your boat combined with a short walking distance. Don’t miss Mdina also known as the Silent city, the UNESCO World Heritage site – Valetta, the town Vittoriosa or so called Birgu as well as the spectacular St. John’s co-cathedral shining with its baroque and attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Another place you can easily get to with your boat is the well-known island of Gozo – three times smaller than Malta, but equally beautiful and worth visiting. You will be surprised how much the island differs from Malta in terms of culture and traditions – such as the unique cuisine you can’t find in any other place on earth.

With so many things to see and places to lay back and enjoy your sailing, you can easily get confused where to start from. Before you discover some unique secluded places, you will easily fall in love to; the must-see’s here in Gozo are the impressive sights such as the Ggantija Temples over 5000 years old and the beautiful Dwejra coastline are just to name a few.

Don’t forget the Comino island with its famous Blue Lagoon: a place that will definitely engrave in your memories  

Choosing the right timing for a flawless Maltese sailing vacation

Before you set sail and discover the beauties of the Maltese islands, bear in mind that the perfect combination of the sea temperature and lower crowdedness comes in the months of May, early June and especially September and October. However, if you choose the peak of the summer for a boat sailing in Malta, the choice cannot be wrong. A good plan, a carefully picked group of friends and the good spirits will undoubtedly create the most wonderful summer vacation ever.


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