After a long decade, Sri Lanka is now coming to traveler’s notice. With its rich history and unique beauty, this island is a treasure trove of travelers. Ladies, if Sri Lanka is calling you, but you have no companion to go with, then you have to remember some tips. Female solo travelers can face some problems after stepping out from the airport in Sri Lanka.

Transportation – It is better to choose public transport than a taxi; it is quite cheap, fast and reliable. You can make local friends and get spectacular views of Sri Lanka. Some curious eyes can stare at you but don’t get panic; be confident and enjoy your journey. Tuk tuk is another exceptional convenience there, but choose one with a meter. Sometimes drivers will try to scam you, so try to understand the rate and the area. In case you get a tuk tuk without a meter, then compare the price before hiring.

Dress Code – Follow the conservative guidelines while traveling alone. Choose long and loose dress, flowy pants, modest t-shirts, etc. Doesn’t dress like a superstar. Otherwise, you can find many eager people asking your phone no. or about social media accounts. When you are visiting a temple, always wear something traditional and avoid shorts.

Attitude is everything – If you are young and declare yourself as unmarried, there will be everyone to help you. But try to identify who is actually helping you and who is just popping. Local people are kind enough to guide you in the direction and stop offs. Some even advise you where to go or where to stay but don’t mislead by them, stay safe and avoid some areas as you are traveling alone. Knowing some singhalese phrases is good for you, but it is not mandatory. Most Sri Lankans can speak fluent English. Apart from all the problems, the kindness of the people in Sri Lanka will amaze you.

Necessities – Make a list of important things you have to carry with you. Keep baby wipes or toilet paper as in rural areas you can face problems with squat toilets. It is best to bring a packet of different feminine products and pack them properly so that you can use them when needed.

There is nothing better than traveling along to new places. You can spend your time the way you like and have a memorable vacation. Grab your Sri Lanka visa and start the journey of discovering new places.



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