Skiing can be great fun as a holiday, and as soon as you get to your chalet Chamonix base you’re likely to want to get straight out there and onto the slopes. However, you should always make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothing for the skiing that you do, as this is the best way to stay comfortable and safe while on the slopes. If you manage this, you are sure enjoy the chalets in Chamonix to the best of your ability – and this blog will help you to ensure that you get your outfit just right.

Make sure it’s functional

Although the majority of time you are likely to shop for clothes based on how they look, this isn’t the right way to go about shopping for skiwear – as it is much more important to be thinking about how it is going to work for you while you’re on the slopes. You will need to make sure that you have free movement, that there is enough space in the material to lift your arms and legs, but that the clothing isn’t too baggy – as this could cause wind resistance. You should also think about the things that you’re going to want to take with you while on the slopes, such as your mobile phone and lift pass, and make sure that you have the space that you need to carry this. Having pockets in the right places is essential, and things like this are much more important to think about than how the clothing actually looks.

Try to buy layers

If you just choose one, warm layer, then you may find that it becomes too warm once you’ve been skiing for a while, and this can become incredibly uncomfortable. Instead, the trick is to wear several layers, as this means that as you warm up, you will be able to take layers off – and then replace them at any point if you start to feel the chill again. You should never forget the importance of underwear – and thermal underwear is an absolute must while you’re skiing, as it means that you will be protected from the cold when it matters most.

Buy things you can use again

Many people wear their ski gear once and then get rid of it – however it is much better if you are able to choose something in a colour that is going to be useable when you get home, too. If you buy a good quality ski jacket this can be great when you’re doing things such as walking your dog, as it can keep you warm, and a neutral colour is definitely the best thing to opt for in this respect.

Generally, thinking about your ski wear well in advance is important, as it means that you are able to really make the most of your trip, knowing that you are wearing the perfect items for your needs. Preparation is everything, and it is certainly the key to having a great time that you will always remember.



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