The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) application process is executed fully online, and only takes around 10 to 15 minutes. The only thing you require to have readily available is your passport and a method of payment. Once you have submitted your ESTA application, you will receive your authorisation status within 24 hours, and normally much faster. This is sent to the email address given when you give way your application online. The esta visa cost approval rate is very high however sometimes applicants receive various responses to their applications.

An essential thing to be aware of is that the ESTA is an automated system. It stands for the ‘Electronic System for Travel Authorisation’, which is the cause for which it can process applications so faster. The method is planned to screen possible visitors to the USA who come from well-liked, low-risk countries, which together be made up of the 38 participating countries of the Visa Waiver Programme – the United Kingdom was the first country to form part of this programme. Because of specific factors, such as low visa non-acceptance rates, citizens of these countries are not needed to go through the traditional visa application procedure when the purpose of the US visit is tourism or business.

Previously mentioned, the most possible response is ‘Authorisation Approved’. If you receive an email saying that your authorisation has been approved, you are instantly qualified to travel to the USA under the Visa Waiver Programme. It’s essential to comprehend what this approval means. At the same time it does mean that you are qualified to American visa, it does not automatically grant you entry into the country. The ESTA provides you permission to travel to a port of entry, where you will then require going through customs. The final decision concerning your entry into the country comes down to the Customs and Border Protection Officer you meet there. This officer will inquire you a sequence of questions regarding your visit; this can take five seconds or five minutes. Some passengers can be a little subdued by this questioning, but it is really normal, and give your ESTA application was honest; there’s no cause for concern. Normal questions comprise ‘have you been to the USA before?’, ‘how long are you staying for?’, or ‘are you in work back home?’ Importantly, a lot of the time this questioning is just to make sure that you are not trying to stay in the USA for work, which would not be let under the Visa Waiver Programme.

The final possible response to an ESTA application is ‘Authorisation Pending’. This only happens in rare cases; however it’s no cause to be alarmed. We will control this response until a consequence is reported. This response just means that your application needs to be looked into because the automatic system is unable to decide an instant result. In most cases an ‘Authorisation Pending’ will turn into an ‘Authorisation Approved’ comparatively quickly.


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