Hotels in Italy

Whoever has a dog or a cat will never leave him alone for a week or a month without suffering and often suffers from having to go away even for one night, imagining him lying under the door waiting disconsolately the return of the owner.

Those who have pets know the meaning of total love, no compromise, no doubt, never. For them we are the center of the world, as perhaps for no living being so continuously.

The holidays are then made together, adapting to the needs of both and enjoying places between nature and relaxation. Fortunately, pet friendly hotels in Italy are on the rise. In these facilities our four-legged friends, of all sizes, are not only accepted but are also pampered with a series of services designed to meet their every need.

If you are planning your next holiday in the company of your 4-legged friend, our first suggestion is to stay at the Locanda Belvedere, a beautiful hotel where you can bring your pet with you.

Locanda Belvedere is located in Saludecio, in the province of Rimini, in open countryside and therefore totally immersed in nature. From here it is possible to quickly reach the most famous Romagna beaches but also the villages and small towns for those who want to visit places of historical and cultural interest.

Within this hotel, you will find an excellent restaurant that prepares exquisite innovative dishes but always based on tradition and above all using valuable raw materials such as olive oil that is produced directly on the property.

Locanda Belvedere’s rooms, only seven in total, are ideal for those in search of peace and relaxation. Inside the rooms, some of these communicating and therefore ideal for large families, you will find every comfort and also a selection of books to read and several local paper guides to browse through in order to know in detail the area.

Your 4-legged friends here will have the opportunity to have fun outdoors and to follow you during the excursions. In this way, the holiday will become both for you and for your pet a moment of leisure but also of cohesion and affection.

Remaining in Emilia Romagna, among the pet friendly hotels that we recommend there is also Il Poggianino, a beautiful rural building born thanks to the renovation of an ancient country house of 1800.

Here, immersed in the warm colors of the countryside with a breathtaking view arriving to the sea, you can breathe with your pets a different air that smells of flowers, freshness and purity and walk in the green to regenerate and immediately feel better.

The structure, simple and full of small details maintained by the previous building, offers its guests 3 suites, very spacious and all different, ideal when on holiday with us even our 4-legged friend who needs space. One of the points in common of the rooms is undoubtedly the light tone of the walls that gives the rooms greater brightness


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