The smallest of the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke, widely believed to be named after a Dutch pirate, has a population of 300, yet brings in thousands of tourists a year as part of the BVI chain. A former sugar and cotton plantain with slaves, it is only accessible through ferry and boat from the other three main islands into Great Harbor and on foot throughout its rugged, yet colorful 3.1 sq. miles. Within its tight borders, the grand beauty of the Caribbean can be seen and felt all over. If you are at St Jones I recommend you to St. Jones Yatch Charters to Jost Van Dyke.

Visit its two popular beaches, Great Harbor and White Bay. Take a sail over to Little Jost Van Dyke, where sandy beaches await, with two large rocks rising from 90 feet above the ocean that is perfect for snorkeling. At night, take a tour of these bays clear bottom and lighted kayaks for an incredible view of the water under the moon. At Diamond Cay, visitors are walking through a bird sanctuary with paths that lead to the beach of Sandy Cay while walking along the rocky cliffs. Like other islands, conservation is important to the people of Jost Van Dyke.

When pulling into Great Harbor, people will immediately see the bars and small restaurants up front open from morning to evening. Ali Baba’s is known for their Caribbean BBQ, A & B is a casual all-day snack bar, the Soggy Dollar Bar is on the beach known for its exotic drinks and shots, and Sydney’s Peace & Love offers free meals to those who pull up boat side. The most famous place is Foxy’s, which opened in the 1960s as tourism began to take hold in the BVIs. Most foods are cooked with charcoal because islanders have been making homemade charcoal for decades, giving the food a special taste through its customized cooking.

Every New Year’s Eve, Great Harbor is filled for “Old Year’s Night,” an all-night party to ring in the new year under a carnival atmosphere. For a small port, it makes a lot of noise at the strike of midnight. A fun fact is that country superstar Kenny Chesney filmed a music video for his song, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems,” on Jost Van Dyke, featuring the bars in the background. Even big names have made their way to the JVD.

About Mr. Charter

Because Jost Van Dyke is a place only accessible by boat, particularly by small boat to get to certain beaches and fit along the tightened shore, all of Mr. Charter’s boats are perfect for the day abroad from the other main islands to the JVD. For any occasion, for any amount of people, Mr. Charter is equipped for a special trip around such an intimate island, where the only way to enjoy every inch of this special place is through a private boat. Mr. Charter has those opportunities for visitors of the BVIs.


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