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Nothing beats donning your helmet, starting up your Harley-Davidson, and taking to the open Arizona roads. There are tons of trails that motorcyclists of all experience levels can enjoy in Arizona. The climate and scenery is some of the most diverse you can find, and every view you have of wildlife, canyons, mountains, and more is just one part of an epic journey. For the best motorcycle rides and trails in Arizona, start with these eight:

  1. Sunset Point

The main reason for riding this would be the extinct volcano and forests. Take Highway 89 in Flagstaff then head west on Loop Road. The park entrance is about 4 miles out. Excellent road quality makes the ride truly relaxing, and you have few challenges to navigate, so you can cast your eyes upon the majesty of red rock scenery. Do note that there are no gas stations. Fill up before you go.

  1. Coronado Trail

Start at Clifton, AZ and end in Eagar. The direction can be reversed too, depending on where you are coming from. Regardless, the road you travel is the same, and lets you travel parallel to the New Mexico border. There is desert and Alpine scenery, and the more remote you get, the more turns and curves you have to play on. The ride from Clifton starts at about 7500 feet elevation than drops to 2500 feet. Enjoy the nature, wildlife, cliffs, hairpin turns, and the drive through an open copper mind. It takes about 4 hours to complete.

  1. Old Route 66 South of Kingman Trail

The road stars in Kingman, AZ then wends towards Old Route 66 and southwest, towards Oatman, AZ. Driving through the Black Mountains is just one of the perks. The other is the Tri-State overlook, where you can stop for a moment to take in the splendors of Arizona, Nevada, and California. All the twist and turns make this a suspenseful route for thrill seekers (vehicles over 40 feet in length cannot tackle some sharp corners). If you need to, at the end of the trail is Lake Havasu for nice scenery, as well as a close by town with a number of amenities—restaurants, shopping, gas stations, and more.

  1. Baghdad to Iron Springs

Those who love traveling through places with igneous and metamorphic rock formations that emerged years ago from underground volcanic activity will love Baghdad to Iron Springs. At the end of the road, you can stop at a café, museum, and a cottonwood tree grove off Highway 10 (Springs Road).

  1. Fountain Hills and Bartlett Lake

This is a 140 mile ride that immerses you in nature, western culture, and a stunning view of East Valley. You will work your way through the Greasewood Flat area, which used to be a stagecoach stop between Fort Dowell and Phoenix. Be prepared for the hard packed dirt that makes up Greasewood Flat roads.

  1. North Bush Highway to Saguaro Lake

Though slightly out of the way, this is a ride that transports you away from civilization and into a natural paradise. You can unwind on this drive as you travel along rivers, cliffs, mountains, lakes and more. There are dips, turns, and straightaways to accent the quality of the road. Both beginners and advanced riders can enjoy this trail.

  1. Payson, Mogollon Rim

How does 300 miles of road sound? This is a loop that takes you through forests and beautiful, photogenic views of the Colorado Plateau. One of the reasons you want to ride along the Mogollon Rim is for the views. Nowhere else can you see as far and clear as you can will cruising the rim. Ponderosa woodlands stretch out from the bottom in the horizon.

  1. Tortilla Flat, Apache Trail

This trail takes you through places that don’t seem like Arizona—dense forests thick with cacti and sparkling, sapphire lakes. As you ride, you get an awesome view of Fish Creek Canyon, and if you dare, you can coast the curving road towards Superstition Mountain. There, you can check out the Goldfield Mining Town, where Mammoth Mine once produced close to 4 million dollars in gold during the 1890s.

So which road will you travel today? Go with the wind, ride safe, and have fun out there!



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