Australia is a vast country and there are lists of things to be done here. Whether you have come to visit this country to play in the beach area, or you want to climb the mountain or you are exploring the city, walk in the rain forest, get lost in the outback or you want to enjoy the camp in the bush; Australia is not only exciting but also unique place to explore and spent a wonderful vacation with family and friends.

If you are planning to have a visit to Australia on your next tour, here is the list of top places that you can include on your bucket list.

  1.   Great barrier reef

It is considered as one of the seven wonders of the natural world and it is the remarkable gifts of Australia. This reef is blessed with the world’s largest coral reef. This region has lost of marine life.

  1.    Sydney opera house

It is another UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most recognizable images in the modern architecture after the Eiffel tower and the Empire State tower building. It is the most photographed places in Australia.

  1.    Fraser Island of Queensland

It starts from the Great Barrier Reef and extends to about the north of Brisbane. It is considered as the largest sand island around the word. It is a World Heritage site as well. There are no sealed roads to reach here. Drive in the long sand beach and enjoy the sea waters.

  1.    Have a visit to winery

We all know that there are plenty of wineries in Australia and various types of wines are available there. There are several regions where you can find the wineries. You can have a day tour to visit these places.

  1.    Explore Tasmania

If you want to spend your holiday away from the hustle bustle of the city, it is better that you visit Tasmania. This place is very popular among the backpackers. This place is having some oldest and tallest tress of the world.

  1.    Enjoy the colorful festivals

All the local people of Australia do like the festivals. If you are planning to visit Australia, be sure that you have checked in the time when the festivals occur. One of the most popular festivals in Australia is the ANZAC day and it is celebrated in 26th of January.

  1.    Visit the Karijini National park

It takes the second position of being the second largest national park in Western Australia and it the beautiful sight hat can be seen in Pilbara. You can explore here the breathtaking gorges and the stunning landscape.

  1.    Kakadu in northern territory

It is among the heritage sites that are being due the cultural values. It is the place of unmatched diversity and eye-catching beauty. Apart from the wetlands, there are many gorges and waterfall.

  1.    Discover broom

It is located in the Far East coastline of Western Australia. It is considered as the heaven for the backpackers. It is thought to be the most fascinating towns in Australia.  

  1.    Uluru

It is another UNESCO heritage site that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is the largest sandstone formation. It stretches up to a distance of 3-4 km.

These are top 10 places in Australia that you should include on your bucket list in your next holiday.

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