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Whoever designed Ottawa did so with tourists and travellers in mind since there is plenty to see and do in the capital city of Canada. The city is home to numerous national museums, great restaurants serving fantastic food, and of course, a busy shopping district. What is even more amazing is the fact that the city is pedestrian-friendly with most of its tourist attractions being within a 30-minute walk from the many city hotels. You can see most of these sites by taking a walk through the city. Below are some of the must-sees and do things when you visit Ottawa.

Take a Walk Through the Rideau Canal

Most people in the Canadian capital know the Rideau Canal as the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the whole world. The canal is 4.8 miles long and offers memorable moments. You can enjoy a skate along the canal that sits above the canal waters and wind your way through the downtown. The skating experience is fantastic during winter, but when the ice melts in summer, you can take a voyageur canoe and still explore the waters. Visitors also discover the canal by running, walking, or even cycling.

Enjoy the Incredible Culinary Scene

The culinary scene in Ottawa has always been incredible with a thriving community of experienced Ottawa chefs and restaurants. The restaurants in the city are diverse serving various communities including the French, Chinese, and even Indians. If you’re craving for something unique and exotic, you’ll find it here. You can also dine out in an Italian Restaurant called Ottavio. The restaurant is located just across the bridge in Gatineau Quebec, and it’s famous for its delicious pizza, pasta, and mussels.

Visit the Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the most visited attraction in Ottawa. This isn’t just a home to the country’s federal government, but it’s also a community and cultural hub whose main activities are hosted in unbelievable settings. The Parliament Hill usually attracts thousands of people in summer who flood the iconic buildings on Wednesdays afternoon to perform yoga. There are also lots of traditional activities that take place here every day.

You Can’t Avoid Visiting the Canadian War Museum

The Canadian Museum sits on the shore of Ottawa River which is home to numerous exhibitions covering the country’s involvement in different conflicts throughout history. It has a collection of military vehicles, tanks, and even guns that allows visitors to explore the various equipment used by different generations of brave men and women on the battlefield. The museum’s distinct structural architecture is also attractive and shoots up to 85 feet into the air along one side.

The ByWard Market

This is a historic farmers’ market and a busy shopping district by day which is turned into a gathering place of clubs and restaurants by night. The market is located few miles to the East of Parliament Hill, and you can’t miss to see it.


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