For many visitors, a trip to Burma itself is an adventure. Indeed, the country is very promising for adventure minded travelers who are eager to uncover the less-known path of the world. These are some ideas for a life time trip to Burma :

Trekking in Mrauk U
Located in the far north area of Rakhine state, bordering with Bangladesh, Mrauk U is home to ancient Akaran kingdom, one of the busiest trading port of Burma in the old days. Trekking in Mrauk U means you will have chance to access the royal palace and numerous historical sites of the area. Additionally, many Myanmar Package Tours now include visiting to Chin hill tribe as a part of this trekking tour. This is a very distinguished experience as you will see many women who had long tradition of tattooing their face.

Motorcycling in Shan State
There is no better way to appreciate the wilderness of Shan state than taking a motorcycling trip. The adventure allows you to encounter the less-trafficked road, beholding the untouched mountains and rural villages. On the way, you are free to stop for colorful market, exotic towns and jump into the pristine rivers.
One  of the most recommended routes is Mandalay – Pyn Oo Lwin – Hsipaw – Nyang Shwe – Pindaya

Kayaking in Mon State
Mon state surprise even the most frequent travelers for its spectacular landscapes and mostly untouched. While many tourists choose a road trip, kayaking along its rice paddies, lake and river would provide you a really different perspective.
From Yangon, you should spend 4 to 6 days traveling southward to Hpa An then start your kayaking journey. 2 days is the ideal time to explore the region’s waterway.

Spotting River Dolphin
The only place that you can photograph Irrawaddy River Dolphin is the upper part of Mandalay and Mingun. This adventure lasts for 3 days and requires some effort to stay in basic accommodation. In return, you will see dolphin swimming in river, participating the local farmers in their daily work and capture the exceptional countryside of Mandalay

Mountain Cycling to Mindat
Tucked away in Na Mat Taung national park, Mindat is a remote townlet where many Chin hill tribes live. The main draw of this area is its dense jungle, cascading waterfall and some catholic churches remained from British colonial era. However, for cyclist, Mindat is worthy challenge as you ascent mountain road and many parts are unpaved. The weather of Mindat is European-like so it is very comfortable for a long voyage from day to day. It is also hard to resist the friendly welcome from people that you will meet on the way.


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