One of the main reasons RV enthusiasts love Orlando is the variety of activities to be had in the area. Of course there is the expanse of Disney and all the fun and good times involved, but there are also great restaurants, nightlife, many different entertainment choices, and a variety of outdoor activities. When you add to this the year-round warm weather, friendly locals, and its perfect location right in the center of Florida, Orlando should definitely be on your list of places to visit. For individuals traveling through the Orlando area in RV rentals, there are a number of great campgrounds in the area that are entirely RV friendly. Check out the below top five and make sure you book ahead for your journey.

Highbands Marina & Camp Resort

Located right on the gorgeous St. John River, Highbands is a classic campground visited by many thousands of RV travelers each year. The location itself just can’t be beat, featuring shaded grounds right up on the river’s edge. Orlando is just a short drive away, so all of the action and activities associated with the Orlando area are just within your grasp. The amenities here are top notch with hookups and space for any type of RV. There is a terrific restaurant right on the site, and you can rent boats for a nice leisurely cruise on the river. When it comes to an Orlando RV stay, this is truly the top of the line.

Wekiva Falls RV Resort

If a comfortable stay is what you’re after, then Wekiva Falls has all that you need and more. This is a full hook up site, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home during your stay including electric, septic, and more. There are lots to fit any different type of RV, from smaller models to massive rigs, and the facilities are known to be excellent. There is a heated pool you can enjoy at any time of the year, not to mention a clubhouse with food, accessories, and events. Located right on the Wekiva River, there are canoe rentals available. All of this is located within just a very short drive to Orlando, so RV rentals are always within minutes of all the main attractions.

Mill Creek RV Resort

Located just ten short miles from Disney, this is the perfect location for a stay with the family. The kids will love the close access to the Park, and the adults can experience some of the many activities on offer right on site. The breakfasts here are known to be excellent, with the pancakes coming particularly high rated. There are many things to do on site, including bingo games, craft-making classes, and even country music nights. The location is aesthetically pleasing as well, nestled along the shaded banks of Mill Creek. All types of RVs are welcome, and there are full hookups on site. If Disney proximity is what you’re after and you wish to spend some quality time as a family, then make sure not to overlook Mill Creek.

Sherwood Forest RV Resort

When it comes to traditional Florida terrain, Sherwood Forest delivers with blue skies and lush grounds. This tranquil, gorgeous space is enough to set any traveler at ease and will be especially pleasing after those long hours on the road. There are a number of lakes on the grounds that really add to the aesthetic value of the terrain. The amenities here are terrific as well, with full accommodation for all RV sizes and styles plus hookups. There are a plethora of activities available on site from bingo to dinners and dancers and more. Only four miles outside of Orlando, Sherwood Forest is a well located and beautiful spot to call home during your stay in the area.

Tropical Palms RV Resort

Just as the name implies, Tropical Palms provides a lush setting for travelers to unwind in the warm Floridian sun. This resort is literally just minutes from the Disney gates, so your children will certainly be thrilled with the location. But Disney isn’t the only nearby attraction. Tropical Palms is just a short drive from Daytona Beach, Kennedy Space Center, and from Orlando itself with its entertainment and dining opportunities. Any type of RV is welcome, no matter the size or hookup standards. There are amazing amenities and activities located right on the sight as well.

Orlando features many stay opportunities from hotels to motels to campgrounds to resorts. For RV travelers, the options here are much greater than most other locations throughout the country. Even so, you will definitely want to book ahead in order to make sure you get a space. The parks fill up fast months in advance, so once you have your dates set make sure to get right on those reservations. Find out why hundreds of travelers venture in their RV rentals in Orlando’s direction each year.


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