Let us all admit that one of the most exciting parts of travelling is getting to try a variety of cuisines of various places. It is an absolute joy for the foodie in you when the place you are visiting has some good places for food! And when it comes to Amritsar, food is sort of a vital part. So, if you are planning on a trip to Amritsar, here are our top 5 picks to treat your tummy while on your stay there!

Kulcha Land

Doesn’t the name,’Kulcha Land’, say it all? A favorite among all the people of Amritsar, Kulcha Land has been in the business for the past 75 years. As the name pretty much explains, you will find a ton of different varieties of kulchas here. The Masala Kulcha and the Amritsari Aloo Kulcha are a must try! These mouth-watering kulchas paired with the signature lassi is all you need to brighten your day up. While there are many local stalls and joints offering delicious Kulcha, the Kulcha Land in Amritsar offer authentic Amritsari flavors, which is why it bags a place in our little list!

Beera Chicken House

Famous for their unique signature tandoori chicken, Beera Chicken House is a toothsome treat for the chicken lovers! Do give this special chicken recipe of Amritsar a try while you are at exploring the delicacies here.

Surjit Food Plaza

This place is said to be ages old still running pretty popular among the locals as well as the tourists for the never-changing delicious recipe of chicken kebabs. If you are a fan of kebabs, then this place selling some of the best kebabs of the city is a must stop-by location for you!


When in Amritsar how can you miss the evergreen dhabas? Several restaurants with every cuisine may come but none can ever beat the taste and vibe of a dhaba! Amritsar has a fair number of dhabas spread across the whole place that sell some brilliant local food with the most unique, mouth-watering taste that you are sure not to find in huge restaurants. Some of the famous dhabas you can check out on the go include Kesar da Dhaba, Pal Da Dhaba, Bharawan Da Dhaba. Here you’ll get to experience true Punjabi flavors with many tempting dishes. These dhabas also attract tourists by some super unique dishes you might not even have heard of earlier! So, don’t forget to drop by some of these and taste their delicacies.

Ahuja Milk Bhandar

Mouth-watering sweets and cool summer drinks are some special delicacies of Amritsar. Lassi/Chaach/Buttermilk, call it what you may, is not just a simple drink, it’s more of a taste of heaven to all the Punjabi’s out there. It not only tastes good, but will also help in keeping you refreshed all day long. So, when in Amritsar, you must taste the unique Amritsari famous lassi of Ahuja Milk Bhandar before you head out of the city!

When on tours to places like Amritsar that have some of their own local delicacies famous all over India, you got to try them all in these small food houses and dhabas for the best and accurate local food experience. Getting good food on your fun holiday is always an added bonus and more so in the case of Amritsar that is literally heaven for foodies! If your mouth is already watering by the thought, then why wait when booking your trips has gotten so much easier with Yatra? Lookup indigo domestic flight booking, book your little vacation, and sit back while Yatra plans your trip for you! And of course, get ready to treat the foodie in you!




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