The world has shrunk to a miniature with the planes connecting them and making you reach destinations in the shortest time possible. Given below are tips that describe your entitlements and the best way to receive them.

Eligibility criteria

Foremost, you need to have a confirmed ticket, and you must have checked in on time at the airport. You cannot arrive late and then file a claim. Simultaneously, since you do not know if a delay would actually happen or whether the airport board would uphold your request, it is best to take pictures of information boards for you to prove your claim easily. Simultaneously, ask the airport personnel about the cause of delay and if possible, request for written details of your rights under the flight delay compensation. Legally, the authorities are bound to provide it to you.

Assistance at the airport

Based on the length of flight and the duration of the delay, you are eligible for meals and refreshments depending on the time of the delay. If the delay is beyond 5 hours and overnight delays, you get free accommodation with a transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa.  Along with it, you are also eligible for some free calls and faxes, emails, etc. to let your near and dear ones know about the latest situation. In case you desire, you can be paid a full refund of your flight cost or booked to a future flight. No matter which road you are walking, you must be careful in collecting all receipts and preserving them with yourself. They add strength to your compensation claim.

If you have claimed a refund, you no longer are eligible for standby favors like transfer, accommodation, meals, etc. In case you have been on a connecting flight and have already traveled part of the journey, then you can claim a partial refund or a future ticket as convenient for you.

Compensation claim

Once the delay in flight exceeds for more than three hours, you can file a compensation claim provided the delay is caused due to a reason for which that particular airline is responsible and not due to reasons beyond their control like bad weather, a terrorist attack and so forth. There are plenty of clauses attached to claiming flight delay compensation. You can view more here.

Done right, getting the compensation for the delay helps you somewhat in getting over your frustration as well as monetary loss.


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