If you are among those who live in colder climates and are eager to find out how life looks like at the eastern suns, sailing at destinations with warmer weather conditions can easily become the ultimate gift for yourself and your loved ones.

At the time of planning, people often have difficulties choosing the perfect destination that will ultimately spoil their senses and will build up nothing but pleasant memories after their return home.

While many of the other sailing destinations have pretty much equal number of pros and cons in terms of sailing conditions, Turkey leaves plentiful to the imagination. Furthermore, if you consider yacht charter Turkey – your mind’s eye can lead you to stunning places that look alike your best dream you’ve ever had.

The crossroad from Europe and Asia, the land full of historical ruins (most of them Roman) and tons of towering beauty, Turkey can easily become your most visited yachting destination. While it’s possible that you can explore many of the Turkey’s beauties in a 10 or 14-day trip, you certainly need months, maybe even years to explore everything this country with the longest coastline spread on two seas has to offer.

Yacht charter Turkey to discover her historical treasures

The country that surprisingly has more Roman remains than Italy these days is a reckoning of its fascinating past, all of them easily reachable by a private yacht – your very own intimate paradise full with comfort and an ultimate freedom to explore whatever matches your interests.

Much can be said in regards to the coastline full with inlets and harbors, mystery, concealed shorelines, the remains of old places of worship, the spectacular blue waters and hospitable local people. The Turkish coastline today happens to be one of the top spots during the summer vacation.

Both geologically and socially, Turkey is at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It’s a place where there is rich history and towering magnificence, with the Anatolian, Byzantine and Ottoman societies leaving their imprints on the scene in various significant ways. The relaxed vibe of the Mediterranean stretches well beyond Turkey, while Islamic impacts are felt in the design and culture of many parts of the nation.

What can’t and shouldn’t be missed while sailing in Turkey is the renown Turkish cuisine. The specialties that are now known and appreciated throughout the globe are something you must taste in its original form: the baklava, the famous ‘doner’ kebab and tempting fish dishes are just few of the endless list of tasteful Turkish delights.

Start your yachting journey with Book2Sail.com

While many of the hidden beauties of Turkey can be easily discovered with an organized cruise, the beauty and the freedom of chartering a yacht for the upcoming Turkish holiday is invaluable.
Chartering the perfect yacht may be demanding and time – consumable; with Book2Sail this part of the trip is made as easy as it can be. y

The yacht that fits your desires is few clicks away and our friendly and always accessible team is ready to help you make the perfect choice for your upcoming holiday.


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