ATHENS, GREECE - JUNE 30: Tourists visit the ancient Acropolis hill, with the ruins of the fifth century BC Parthenon temple on June 30, 2015 in Athens, Greece. Greek voters will decide in a referendum next Sunday on whether their government should accept an economic reform package put forth by Greece's creditors. Greece has imposed capital controls with the banks being closed until the referendum and a daily limit of 60 euros has been placed on cash withdrawals from ATMs. (Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX *** 561902223

Greece is an unforgettable destination that has topped the European must-visit lists for years. From the crystalline white sand beaches to the sparkling turquoise waters, Greece is vast and sprinkled with rich ancient history. There’s something for everybody in Greece. But how do you see it all, and see it right as a tourist? If you’re looking to get the best experiences that the beautiful Greece has to offer, look no further than private tours.

Even if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can still have an amazing trip to Greece. It’s bursting with sites that you absolutely must see. Some of the best include:

  • DelphiThis spot, nestled along Mount Parnassus’s slopes, is where his followers from all around the Mediterranean would come to greet the God Apollo. They’d ask for prophecies of their lives, and would receive his words through the high-priestess of Delphi, Pythia. Delphi is also the exact central point of Earth geographically.
  • Corinth & The Corinth CanalThe canal opens the Saronic gulf to the Corinthian sea, and has been envisioned since the 6th century. The canal offers breathtaking views and impressive entertainment as massive ships make their way through her valley.
  • MycenaeLocated in Argolis, Mycenae used to be the home of an entire civilisation. These people would later grow in populous and become Agamemnon’s kingdom. This prosperous town was once encapsulated by towering protective walls and a giant Lion Gate guarded by two female lions crafted in stone.
  • NafplionNafplion is a trip down memory lane – if your memories were medieval. The streets here are teeming with beauty and history, guarded by the majestic Palamidi fortress. This is also a fantastic beach spot, and is even well-loved by Greek locals.
  • ThermopylaeThis militaristically significant spot may be small, but its impact has been mighty. Thermopylae is where the Greeks fought the Persian army with all their might, the geography offering a strategic advantage that slowed the Persians down and led to a vicious battle. Now, Thermopylae stands for sacrifice and bravery.
  • Osios LoukasOsios Loukas is a monastery from the 11th century located in Distomo. Because of it’s pristine sampling of Byzantine architecture, it’s among other unbelievable sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
  • Ancient OlympiaOlympia is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. It’s the namesake of the Olympic Games, as this is where the very first games were held to honour Zeus, the God. Winners of the games were given an olive branch and a lifetime of glory.
  • EpidaurusIts claim to fame is its extravagant ancient theatre. Originating from the 4th century, it was created for religious ceremonies to honour the God Asclepius. Today, it still hosts historical Greek dramas during the summertime.
  • SpartaThis famous town has come a long way from its military past and is now a delicate urban town. Those who lived here once believed that their calling was to be soldiers, and thus made it their entire lives – hence the renowned term, Spartan.
  • MystrasNot far from Sparta is Mystras, a town marked by its castle. Its prime was in the Byzantine era. It was rich in churches and overlooked by a beautiful castle. The caste remains, only now it watches over a new village.
  • Meteora MonasteriesMeteora is hailed a natural miracle. It’s characterised by its massive rock formations which are over 60 million years old. On top of the rocks lay various Byzantine monasteries. Some of them are even still operable! The formations are unique to any others in the world.


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