Walking on the beach bare foot and hearing the waves gently caressing the shore, what a feeling. The world has faded away and the problems vanished away the second you walked out of your rented villa. It might sound like a dream but this is one which you can achieve. Because being at peace is easier when it comes to going away on vacation on the Balearic Island of Mallorca. Surrounded by crystal clear, warm water and having breath taking views, the island dazzles its visitors every step of the way.  A truly relaxing and dream like vacation is not out of reach when you decide to spend it on this island.

Just picture yourself zipping a colourful drink, laying on a comfy chaise long, wearing only a swimsuit and enjoying the sound of the waves, creating comforting tunes when accompanied by the cool breeze dangling through the green leaves. The simple thought helps you relax and feel comfortable so why no actually doing it? On the island of Mallorca you will find rebound and fun, food and beverage, history and geography, all blended together to create the perfect landscape for an unforgettable holiday.

If you feel overwhelmed and need to take some time away from work and daily routine, wait no longer. It’s time for a vacation. You can walk your stress away, barefoot on the warm Mallorcan sand. You can feel the vibe of the locals, taste their cuisine and leave all your worries at home. Let the island enchant you. Let the water refresh you. Let the sand offer you peace. The best medicine for the heart is when you pamper yourself with a dream vacation.

Vida Villas – Comfortable accommodation

And if you worry about accommodation, you shouldn’t. You have Vida Villas to assist and provide you with the most comfortable location for your staying. They have a great selection of privately owned Mallorca villas for rent, modern or traditional which are equipped with all that you need. Close to the beach or with private pools, inside the city or sheltered away from the hustle and bustle, the rental villas from Vida Villas make the most relaxing solution when it comes to housing on Mallorca.

When you have your accommodations all set, get the tickets and pack away. Don’t wait to be overwhelmed by stress. Unplug yourself, you need it, we all do. There are plenty of reasons to go on vacation and when it comes to holidays in Mallorca, you won’t be disappointed. Neither by the people nor by the food. Not by the landscape and not by its history. Not by the crystal water and definitely not by the soothing beaches. So walk your stress away on the beaches of Mallorca and recharge your batteries on this beautiful Balearic Island.


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