Do you think flying too often can be light on your pocket? If not, then you need to brush off your knowledge because there is something called airlines miles, which, when used, can provide anything from the comfort of the first class or business class seat, a free flight ticket, and much more.

This post is for all those who are new to the concept of Airline Miles. Today, we demystify the concept as well as how you can use components like JetPrivilege Mileage Calculator for your benefit.

What Are Airlines Miles?

Also known as travel points or frequent flyer miles, airlines miles are points awarded to a frequent flyer who is loyal to an airline or another airline in an alliance.

The points are calculated based on the number of miles you have flown from point A to point B. Consider an example of a flight from Mumbai to Delhi which is around 875 miles. When an airline contemplates the number of miles or rewards acquired by any frequent flyer, it usually takes the number of miles flown as shown as well as other details, i.e. class, status, etc., based on which the rewards are awarded to the particular person.

Each mile flown has a certain value or point, which is added to your frequent flier account that you can use during your next flight. Once you have acquired enough points, you can use them to buy a flight to any destination according to the flights available, or you can ask for a free upgrade to the business or first class free of charge.

How to Earn Airline Miles?

As mentioned before, the more you fly, the more air miles you acquire. The more expensive the seat, the more you earn. Do you know that airline miles can differ as per the class of seats too? For instance, if an economy passenger earns 100 points for a flight from Mumbai to Pune, a passenger sitting in the same flight in Business Class would earn 150 points, while the one in the First Class would acquire 200 points.

Is it any other additional method to earn miles? Yes, there are hefty means of earning air miles. You can purchase items, luxury products, groceries, and more from a brand associated with your airline, and acquire air miles.

Similarly, there are many credit cards partnered with various airlines. You can obtain a credit card to purchase your tickets. Moreover, if you take a credit card whose company is partnered with any airline, the former provides exciting sign-up air miles and other rewards that you can use for your next flight.

Calculate miles with Jetprivilege Mileage Calculator

If you are a Jet Airways flier, you can use their Jet Privilege Program to become an elite and frequent flier thereby, earning air miles. The  jetprivilege Mileage Calculator lets you calculate the distance between two airports and the total air miles you will earn accordingly.

According to jetprivilege Mileage Calculator, you can earn 209 air miles for a flight between Chandigarh and Mumbai. The rewards increase eventually with the change of category and class which takes the air miles to over 1,465 points for Premiere Flex seats.


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