The ZigZag Whitsundays tour at the Whitsunday islands have the tours to the beaches, Whitehaven, and other beaches. The tourists can also enjoy the snorkeling and stay at the resorts. The Whitsunday Islands are one of the unspoiled regions on the East Coast part where the natural landscape can be the best attraction and offer the best relaxation to the travelers. This beach is pristine and beautiful in all ways and if you want to get a relaxing tour, you can definitely try out this island. This region has the 74 islands totally and it stretches along the coast from the Mackay to the Bowen.

Though this island is remotely located, you can take help of the ZigZag Whitsundays Day Trip and enjoy this beach with your friends and family. This tour offers all the facilities and activities that tourists always long for. The ZigZag is a 39ft Naiad having the 4 engines with 1200 horsepower. This gives the cruising speed of 24 knotts and top 48 Knott. These features make the vessel faster than ever. Tourists all ages can take participation in this tour to enjoy the adventure to its peak.

What is the tour includes-

About 36 guests can go for the full day trip that includes the morning tea, and then they will be served the lunch and the afternoon snacks later. The guests will also get the stinger suits and the snorkeling equipment on the vessel. The tip is from the Whitsunday islands to the Whitehaven beach.

Whitehaven beach

It is one of the most awaited beaches that call for adventure always. It is on the east coast of Australia. It is quite far from the city and free from pollution and toxins. This beach is having the turquoise blue water. This beach is famous for the wildlife, cool sand, and the sublime scenery. If you want to spend some wonderful moments with your close ones, then nothing is better than the tour to this island.

Apart from enjoying the natural beauty and seawater, you can do the snorkeling, one of the most famous activities here.



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