If you’re looking for the best in flight eats to enjoy with your vodka soda, look no further than this list. We’ve scoured through tons of the top airlines in-flight menu options to come up with the snacks and grub that will pair best with your vodka drinks.

So the next time you’re 30,000 feet up you can enjoy sipping on your favorite drink and enjoying some of these decedent in flight yummies.

Choice Menu | Tapas Box | United Airlines

This is a great choice (no pun intended) to treat yourself to something salty and delicious that will have you feeling like airplane royalty. It comes with crackers, olives, roasted red pepper bruschetta, hummus, cheese spread and chocolate for a complete package that will pair well with basically anything that you decide to drink. You can even use the olives to garnish your martini!

Cost: $8.99

EatUp Café | Grilled Chicken and Brie Sandwich | JetBlue

This sandwich is available on most flights and is simply made of grilled chicken, brie, arugula, cranberry mustard on a roll. It’s also served with a side of fruit for some added freshness. This is a great pair for your vodka soda or other vodka cocktail and a sandwich that will keep you fill but not overstuffed. You can buy it between most hours of the day and is a sophisticated choice compared to the usual salted peanuts and pretzels.

Cost: EatUp Café items cost between $4 and $12

Flight Fuel Menu | Mesquite Smoked Turkey Combo | Delta Airlines This tasty little sandwich is made smoked turkey, gruyere cheese, tomatoes and arugula on ciabatta bread. It also comes with kettle chips and a brownie to round of this meal. Eat this alongside whatever vodka you’re sipping and enjoy the savory flavors. You’ll feel like your vacation has already started with this little pick me up perfect for morning or night.

Cost: $9.99

Airplanes aren’t really known for their food, but who says that you can’t indulge in something to accompany your mid-flight drink? As passengers tastes and airline regulations change, so do the menus and standards on board. Airline economy meals have been upping their game lately and aren’t what they used to be. Some are going well beyond that mystery meat and overcooked pasta paygrad.

I’m sure everyone has heard some sort of joke about airline food, but with cocktails and food getting better and better, these jokes are hard to make.


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