Visiting the majestic city of Barcelona, Spain may be one of the travel destination goals by many. And why not? With the fantastic weather especially from the months of Mat to September, astounding sights and architectural wonders to see and the mouth watering food culture they have, no wonder millions of tourists flock to this magnificent city every year.
Where to go

Of course, a must see when you visit Barcelona is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Sagrade Familia church. The construction began in 1882 with Antoni Gaudi as the architect. He combined the Gothic and Art Nouveau styles which made the architectural style more interesting. Upon his death, the church was barely a quarter complete. Until now, more than a hundred years after the start of the construction, completion of the church is still ongoing.

Another interesting spot to visit is the Museum Picasso. It is houses a massive number of the famous Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces. With more than 4000 original pieces, it is one of the most complete collections that showcases his works.

For a complete list of all wonderful things to visit, check a page:
What to eat

No cultural experience is complete without sampling the wonderful dishes and cuisines that the place has to offer. Since lunch is late in Spain, it is a common practice to eat breakfast, twice! Yes you got it right! The most beautiful meal of the day can be experienced twice and that is enough to make anyone happy. First breakfast, try to have toast or fruit to start your day. Then at mid morning, to help you survive before lunch, have some fantastic croissant or a sandwich.

Been craving for paella? Better have that at lunch, since it is too heavy for a dinner time meal. Aside from that, it is also an authentic experience if you have it mid day instead of a night time meal.

Merienda, or an afternoon snack is also one of the things to look forward to. Have some hot chocolate with different pastries to pair it with, since dinner will be served late.

Finally, dinner is for tapas and spirits! Go to a local bar, order good quality tapas, with a wine in hand and you’re all set!
When to go

Unlike many European cities, Barcelona has better weather – no frigid winters and stifling hot summers. For most tourists, they prefer to go visit between May which has an average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and September, with an average of 17 degrees. A complete guide on the temperature for the entire year is available at:

Since it is one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona offers also a lot of accommodation choices that suits everyones budget. From two star hotels to luxurious 5 star accommodation.

Barcelona in itself is a charming, vibrant city that offers more than meets the eye. That’s why I recommend you to pack your bags, book a flight, and with an open mind and great sense of adventure, explore the wonderful city!


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