Is there a way to make a road trip perfect? When we plan something, we always want to have the best experience. Our expectations are high and we really want to have the the best time during the trip. There are always doubt “what if something goes wrong”, “should I prepare for the worst”. There is no way to plan everything in advance. But it’s the most amazing part. We don’t know what interesting things we can encounter but let’s not forget about safety. It’s our priority and “just in case” preparations can be lifesaving. Let’s make a list of essential things.

  1. Check the car before the road trip. It doesn’t matter in what state your car is or how old is it, you should always check it before going for a road trip. Don’t be lazy. Just do it.
  2. Driving license, insurance and passport. Must have documents. Also if you have made reservations, include vouchers or any other confirming papers in your list.
  3. Make sure that while you’re away your home is secure. You can neglect this advice and think “those kind of things are not going to happen to me”. Yeah, we all think that. Do you want to wonder during your trip if your home is fine? Lock all windows and doors, check water, gas, etc. You can probably live a spare key to your friend or someone you trust, just in case.
  4. Don’t pack a huge suitcase. Your choice of clothes and necessities depend on your destination, weather and other conditions. This is totally up to you but don’t go over the top with luggage.
  5. Favorite music. Make a road trip playlist, if you have time. Hours on the road can be dull so music is very important. If you are a fan, you can take an audio book with you. Of course if your passengers don’t mind.
  6. Do you need a laptop or tablet? If you do, scoop all necessary chargers. Yeah, we are lost without our phones and internet connection. Also to make this trip memorable someone should grab a camera.
  7. Medical kit. Think of all the pills that you might need. Maybe you take something on the daily basis, so make sure that you have everything you need. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, maybe you’ll need spray against mosquitoes or if you’re planning to spend a lot of time under the sun, take the sunscreen.
  8. Driving distance between US cities can be exhausting. You’ll definitely need a route and navigator. It can be your phone or an extra device. This is indispensable! Unknown roads can be difficult to drive if you don’t know the place. Make it easier for yourself and get the map with necessary route, check the mileage from one city to another.
  9. How much money to take with you? It’s always a dilemma. Cash or credit card? We really like our plastic cards, it’s so convenient to use. But some places still don’t take them and maybe you will encounter such places on your way. Take some cash with you, amount is for you to decide. Don’t just rely on plastic cards.
  10. Book hotel or any other places to stay in advance. E.g. if you are driving the distance between Seattle and San Diego, you’ll need to stop and have some rest. It’s a long drive. Online booking is what you’ll be the best choice.

There are still tons of things to consider for the road trip but these are the most important. Have fun but don’t forget about safety. Enjoy your road trip.



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