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Sanger,Cappuccino from Aceh


Not inferior to Italy in terms of coffee, Indonesia also has coffee steady. In Aceh there is delicious coffee cappuccino-style coffee Sanger called you should know and must try pleasures.

If you ever come to Aceh, of course you know about the typical coffee there. But what about the one menu prepared from the coffee into the name often referred to Sanger, Did you ever hear or taste it?

Aceh is synonymous with the term phenomenal ‘1001 City Coffee Shops (Warkop)’ indeed long been attached as well as the term is in Belitung. Not only get the title phenomenal, new innovations coffee shop in Aceh also produce coffee flavor that is extremely typical, known as Sanger coffee.

Sanger coffee is made from a mixture of good black coffee from Robusta or Arabica beans and sweet condensed milk mixed sugar. If at first glance, Sanger in general just like coffee cappuccino milk or as a mixture.

How to make sanger
How to make sanger
But a matter of taste, Sanger has a different flavor of coffee milk. Due Sanger had coffee and milk dose different. Because the addition is made with a different dose, coffee is brewed through a similar filter socks also added with condensed milk and a little sugar which is then whipped until frothy.

To get a steady Sanger drinks, milk and sugar mixture actually adjusted by the coffee maker. Sanger became one of the typical drink Aceh unique and different from the coffee milk. A year ago in one of the public accounts in Aceh had raised about Sanger’s coffee special is celebrated on one day.

So, why not? The potential of a cup of coffee Sanger also should be known by the world as a typical coffee beverage cappuccino Aceh as well as from the country of Italy.

Hopefully, the Sanger alias ‘Sanger Day’ become interesting idea to be present in Aceh, especially for those who are curious about the beverage can also pay a visit to Aceh while enjoying the holiday. How are you interested in?

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