“Yes! I love surfing and I want everyone should do it”….said Louis.

Surfing is one of the most energetic and wonderful outdoor activities that is enjoyed by most of the people around the world. There are various locations in the world including the Maui that offer immense scope to the travelers and the surfers to explore the sea and to play with the waves of the sea. I think there is very less people who are afraid of the water as it refreshes the mind and body too. But, as a beginner, you may be thinking about the risks that are associated with surfing. For your concern, I am telling you that there are many professional surfers who provide guided tours and training sessions for the surfers.

If you want to learn to surf in Maui, then you should follow some of the tips that are very important for you to overcome the danger while surfing in the water.

Always start your surfing with soft-top surfboard

Almost all the professionals prefer using the soft top surfboards when they guide the beginners in the activity of surfing. They are of great fun and they are the best for the entry level. When you are just learning how to surf, the board at times will hit you. But, when you are carrying a soft one, you will get less hurt from the boards.

Surf when there is less people

At most of the Maui surfing sessions, the professional Zack Howard guide the fresher to surf at the regions where there is less people around, this reduce the chances of accidents and crashes. The rare spots of surfing give the best experience to the beginners, as there is less crowd.

Always shuffle your feet

This is not much linked with the surfing of the waves, but while you are shuffling, your chances to get hurt by any water animal. The pain of the sting ray is really bad for your feet.

If you want to get the best surf in Maui, it is better to learn from Zack Howard, as he is having many years of experience in this field.


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