Summer isn’t the only time of year to vacation. In fact, the colder months are an even better excuse to get away from it all. Plus, it’s usually more cost-effective. Here are three destinations you should consider.


Michigan is much more than just Detroit. The state has two peninsulas, both of which are very different and have something to offer for someone. Visit Lansing, MI, the state capital, for the history, culture, education, urban life, farmers market, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries, not to mention the outdoors activities in the region.

Lansing, Michigan, attractions include:

  1. The Michigan History Center
  2. R.E. Olds Transportation Museum
  3. Potter Park Zoo
  4. River Trail
  5. Old Town
  6. Turner-Dodge House & Heritage Center
  7. Carl G. Fenner Nature Center
  8. The Michigan Princess
  9. Abrams Planetarium
  10. Absolute Gallery

Or visit the Peninsula(s) for wine, Lake Michigan History, and state parks. There’s also plenty of waterfalls to go around. And once you get enough nature, Detroit is beautiful in the fall. And for car enthusiasts, cars.

Wineries of Note:

  1. 12 Corners Vineyards, Benton Harbor, MI
  2. Amoritas Vineyards, Lake Leelanau, MI
  3. Bel Lago Vineyards & Winery, Cedar, MI
  4. Blue Water Winery & Vineyard, Lexington, MI
  5. Burgdorf’s Winery, Haslett, MI
  6. Chateau de Leelanau Winery & Cidery, Suttons Bay, MI
  7. End of the Road Winery, Germfask, MI
  8. Good Harbor Vineyards, Lake Leelanau, MI
  9. Lawton Ridge Winery, Kalamazoo, MI
  10. Mari Vineyards, Traverse City, MI


Try the Oregon Coast experience, along with all of Oregon, because none of it is to be missed. For hipsters, there’s Portland, and for hipsters and non-hipsters alike there’s Central Oregon. Known for its outdoor activities, trails, fall foliage, and beer, it can bring out the nature lover in anyone. And where there’s good beer, there’s good food.

Must-try Oregon Beers include:

  1. Pils, Pilsner
  2. Hub Lager, Lager
  3. Na Zdravl Pils, Pilsner
  4. Pilsner, Pilsner
  5. Session Lager, Lager
  6. Kolsch, Kolsch
  7. Sterling Pils, Pilsner
  8. Omission Lager, Lager
  9. Sweet As! Pacific Ale, Pale Gold Ale
  10. River Ale, Ale
  11. ISA, Ale
  12. The Vaporizer, Wheat Ale
  13. RPM, IPA
  14. Chainbreaker White IPA, IPA
  15. IPA, IPA
  16. Workhouse IPA, IPA
  17. Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale, Imperial IPA
  18. Whole in the Head, Imperial IPA
  19. Ashland Amber, Amber Ale
  20. Red War, Brown Ale

That’s just naming a few. For lovers of the sea, and seafood, the Coast is a must- see-and-eat destination. With year-round festivals, attractions, and also food, there’s something for everyone. And where can you go in Oregon and not see the beauty that is Fall? There was a trail to here for a reason.


Hawaii is so expensive that some locals can’t afford to live there — but not in the fall. The weather is better, plus it’s less crowded. Flights are also cheaper. Just because most of the tourists leave doesn’t mean life doesn’t go on.

There are always festivals, events, and happenings to be happened upon. And it’s still Hawaii, and probably warmer and more exotic than back home.

Free (or Inexpensive) Things to do in Hawaii:

  1. Enjoy the Scenery
  2. Free Concerts
  3. Free Fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
  4. Self-Guided Tour
  5. The International Marketplace
  6. Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chinatown Walking Tour
  7. Ukulele Lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
  8. Hula Lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
  9. Waimanalo Polo Grounds
  10. Hilo Hattie
  11. Art at the Zoo Fence, The Honolulu Zoo
  12. Hawaii State Art Museum
  13. Waikiki Historic Trail
  14. Polynesian Cultural Center
  15. Iolani Palace

There are also 100-plus festivals and events every year.

Summer ends, but vacations don’t have to. Vacations are even better out of peak season because you’ll find fewer people, lower expenses, and better flight prices. Whether you long for the outdoors, good food, to see a new city, good beer, or just being anywhere but where you are right now, there’s a place for you.


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