Brisbane is not a city you want to overlook on your travel bucket list. Brisbane is full of live music, art, food, and unforgettable sights. Like any big city, it is full of things to do and places to see.

Music and the Arts

The music scene in Brisbane is always buzzing with small shows featuring local musicians as well as larger festivals with global artists. There are music festivals all year such as Valley Fiesta, Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival, Expo Liaison, and BIGSOUND Festival. BIGSOUND Festival gets tons of big name musicians like Flume and Courtney Barnett.  

There are many theater shows in Brisbane worth your time, including as the Brisbane Comedy Festival and the Australia Performing Arts Market. The Brisbane Powerhouse is a spot in Brisbane with a variety of shows during all seasons—and the building is beautiful as well!  

The State Library of Queensland is a gorgeous library. Visiting this library is a way to experience the history of Brisbane through photos, books, journals, and art, and it should certainly be on your list.

The Best Dining  

When picking a restaurant in Brisbane, it is hard to go wrong. The city is home to some mouth-watering street food and adorable clean cafés. Head to Thank Truck It’s Thursday, at South Bank’s Wandering Cooks. This spot is where five or so rotating trucks assemble each week. There are big communal tables to share, so it is great for meeting other travelers and the locals.

If you are looking for a casual dining option, check out Mado Turkish Restaurant. The restaurant space is vibrant and the ambiance is unbeatable. The Smoke BBQ is a great place for—you guessed it—barbeque. This restaurant has a laid-back vibe and some delicious meats. They serve melt-in-your-mouth southern barbeque. They also have a great beer list, which can’t be missed.

For fine dining, there is nothing like the Queensland restaurant Esquire. Esquire also has a stellar wine list and delicious cuisine. This is often regarded as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. Be sure to check your collection of formal dresses before dining at Esquire. Dressing nice is fun on vacation and often makes the dinner feel special. If you don’t have an outfit, check out some online stores or even the local shopping in Brisbane.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Brisbane has more than 1,000 stores and most of the state’s flagship stores. You know what this means? It means that shopping is on the must-do list when visiting Brisbane. A great spot to check out is Fortitude Valley, because it is home to local designers. James Street is another shopping area to visit, with tons of high-end fashion.

If you want to look for books, home goods, and knick knacks, head to Paddington. This is a great area for vintage finds and unique souvenirs. Paddington is also a great area to walk around in, because it is eccentric and full of beautiful homes.


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