One of the best things about Seoul is how vast and diverse it is. No matter how long you’ve lived there, there’s always something new to discover. And the city itself is constantly evolving, which makes things even more exciting. Seoul has everything you want in a major world-class city, including nightlife, great food, and culture, and you could never discover everything the city has to offer even in ten lifetimes. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the most unusual things to do in and around Seoul.

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Go to a Themed Cafe

As you may already know, Korea is home to tons of tiny themed cafes, each more unusual than the last. One that should definitely be on your list if you haven’t been yet is Blind Alley, which is located near Sookmyung University.

What makes this cafe so unusual you ask? Well, besides their wide selection of premium coffees and treats, you’ll also get the chance to pet two adorable raccoons while enjoying your afternoon coffee. The raccoons are kept in a small separate room and you get to pet and feed them. But don’t worry, these raccoons have been completely domesticated and always love good company. And unlike other cafes of its genre, there’s absolutely no entry fee.

Seoul Fashion Week

People often overlook Fashion Week but forget how big an event it is in the city. Seoul Fashion Week is one of the biggest and most popular in the world and attracts buyers, designers, and fashion lovers from all over the world. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to the VIP treatment and book yourself a nice Seoul hotel room nearby. But book early since finding accommodations during Fashion Week can be a challenge.

Go on a Free Museum Trek

Another attraction that is often overlooked in the city is the countless free museums you can visit. The Korean Contemporary History Museum, the National Folk Museum, the Agricultural Museum, and the National Museum are some of the most popular museums you can visit for free. This is a perfect place to cool off on a smoldering hot Korean summer day and learn something new. You should also stop by the Seoul Art Museum if you want to experience something truly special. The museum regularly hosts a wide variety of cool exhibitions from local and international artists.

Enjoy one the City’s Micro Breweries

Seoul has a deep beer culture, and the city is host to a wide variety of micro-breweries, which all serve their own distinct ale variations. One that should be on your list is Craft Works. Their beer is made using local spring-fed water and is served on draft at a very reasonable price. If you’re always up for a good IPA, this is an absolute must-try.


Seoul is a city of many wonders, with tons of hidden gems to discover. Make sure that you add these attractions to your calendar and enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer.