Wondering how to speed up your air mile collection? You can increase your chances of earning airline miles to collect them faster. Here is a list of some of the ways you are likely to earn frequent flyer points.

As a member of a frequent flyer program, you might come to the realisation that it takes a considerable amount of time to quantitatively gain air miles. Whether you want to collect enough reward points to avail a free flight or purchase some other services or goods, it is imperative to keep the rate of earning those miles consistent. But you cannot expect to earn miles by just taking flights. There have to be other ways to accumulate those miles, and there are. Have a look at some activities that could help you increase the speed at which you collect these loyalty points.

  1. Earn Together as a Family

Many frequent flyer programs let their members collectively stock up the reward points earned by them and their relatives. Incorporating the potential of flight points earned by your family members into your rewards account makes it possible for your air mileage meter to pick up numbers easily.

All that you have to do is to nominate members of your family and cite their relationship with you to include the points they earn in future in your pool of rewards.

  1. Use the services of Partner Hotels and Cabs

Some airlines have tied up with selective hotels or hotel chains as well as cab or car rental companies for their rewards programs. Hence, utilising the services of those respective hotels or cabs can maximise your prospects of earning airline reward points.

  1. Avail Benefits with a Phone Call

For the times you are travelling abroad, you can make use of the roaming services in another country by operating on a partner mobile network. You can check which mobile network operator is connected with your airline rewards program and use that particular operator.

This way, every call minute has the potential to increase your reward points when you register your phone number with a partner service.

  1. Refuel to Earn

At select energy company outlets, you may have a shot at earning air miles when you choose to refuel your vehicle from there. Few airlines give their frequent flyer members the opportunity to be eligible to earn points in this manner.

Verified and eligible members have the chance to gain air miles as and when they purchase a category of fuel that is available at the partnered energy company’s outlet. The number of points one earns may depend on the value of fuel that is purchased.

  1. Turn Reading Experiences into Miles

Reading has its benefits, but when it also translates into air miles, the deal gets only sweeter; isn’t it? A lot of publications tie-up with airlines and their loyalty programs to dig into their loyal customer base. In return, you get air miles for every subscription you take or renew. Next time, you’re set to pay for your favourite magazine subscription, check if it also allows you to earn some loyalty rewards on your program.

There are many unexplored sources of airline rewards that are waiting for your attention. Realising the additional value of activities and hobbies, small or big, could be a convenient way in which you can tap into a sitting mine of frequent flyer reward points.


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