Try local food

While the Dutch kitchen doesn’t really offer any awesome culinary experiences (consisting mainly of potatoes), the Dutch do have some neat street foods you definitely have to try. Take the ‘kroketten’ for example. A meat mixture close to goulash with a crunchy fried outer layer. At the McDonalds they also offer a ‘broodje kroket’ which is local to The Netherlands. You probably won’t be able to get it in a McDonalds near you! If you’re looking for a place to stay, you should check out serviced apartments amsterdam.

Another Dutch delicacy are the sweet ‘stroopwafels’ aka. syrup waffles. It is made with two thin layers of crispy baked dough. And a filling of caramel-ish syrup between the two layers. When you visit a market you’ll be sure to encounter them at the market stands. They have special shops for it in Amsterdam as well though.

There are a lot of specialized cheese shops in Amsterdam as well. But a lot of them kinda offer the same kinds of cheese. If you want really different try visiting ‘De Kaaskamer’ they have a big assortment of different cheeses.

Explore town and admire the little canals

Of course Amsterdam is famous for its little canals. They might be similar to those in venice, but the mood is completely different. Which is also due to the architecture of the buildings that are iconic to Amsterdam. If you delve deeper into the history of the buildings you’ll be able to tell the styles apart from each other.

Relax at Vondelpark

If you get tired of all the walking you should definitely visit Vondelpark near leidseplein. There are special spots where you can barbeque. During the summer you can get a cheap barbeque kit at the Albert Heijn (a local supermarket)

Party at annual summer events

Are you wondering what summer events will take place in Amsterdam? Look no further! 27th april – Kingsday. Where the Dutch celebrate the birthday of their king, all dressed in orange and a lot of festivities. 23 Jul – 7 Aug 2017 – The Gay Pride. The annual celebration devoted to equality and respect. It’s always good to check what kind of events will take place beforehand. IAMSTERDAM offers a lot of information on their site about such events..

Go on a cultural tour and visit some museums

Amsterdam is really popular for its museums, and they even have a ‘Museumplein’. A square surrounded by museums. Ranging from historical to modern art, everyone is sure to find an exhibit they like. It’s easy to get around as well with the trams and buses throughout Amsterdam.


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