We all are aware that London is rated as a top destination for tourists in UK.  London has a rich history and is known for its heritage construction. People of London love their football and they spend a lot of time in Pubs. The staple food is fish and chips. With a cosmopolitan lifestyle, there many places that one can travel to. Having information on places and restaurants in London can be tedious as there are so many and this blog will do the filtering for you and recommend you a place. They review all the places of site seeing and also let you know if the cost to visit every place. There are many viewing spots in London that don’t have an entry fee. All of this information is incorporated in the blog helping travelers to prepare their itinerary.

You Will Get The Latest Information Of All The Happenings In The City

Our minds are filled with apprehensions when we are traveling to a new city. Every city has its places to visit and finding the right ones when you don’t know anyone in the town might turn out to be difficult. Most people who don’t have access to this blog and end up wasting time and money on places that aren’t worth it. There thousands of pub in the city and for anyone visiting this city would want to know the best pubs, the bloggers have visited all the pubs for you and have written descriptive reviews of each place so that you don’t waste time visiting the pubs that aren’t famous. If you are planning on visiting the various museums in the city then get the information of the entry time and the rules and regulations of the museum. This blogging site clondoncity will act like a guide to you.

Read About The Top Attractions In London That Are A Must Visit

With so many places to visit, one will be spoilt with choices when visiting London however now travelers can go online and check our reviews of all the major location in London, so that you can make an educated call on whether the place is worth your time. Every tourist spot in London has its own rules and regulation hence being aware of it before hand will enable you to visit these places without hassles. The blog keeps you updated on the latest news and travel advisories. From information on the strip clubs, gay clubs, restaurants and tourist spots, all the information is available for you. You will not be lost in the streets of London if you have this website handy, consider this as your travel guru during your stay here. For people in search of decent B&B, the blog has given a detailed description of all the bed and breakfast hotels in the region for you to explore. This blog caters to all works of life, students can know more regarding the universities, foodies will be informed of any new openings and night lifers can access this to get information regarding various pub and strip clubs in the area.


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