Most of the employees in the UK want to take their spouse there. Bringing the spouse to UK is one of the toughest things to do in these days. If you actually do not know about the migration laws, you can feel difficult to take the spouse visa. But, there are ways that can make you feel stress-free when you are obtaining the spouse visa in UK. You now do not want to spend lots of time in the Government immigration website to get information. Here is a brief account on the spouse visa that you require when you want to bring your wife to London.

Your wife requires the UK spouse visa to come and stay with you in anywhere in the place of UK. The spouse visa or the marriage visa is only granted to someone who is having the citizenship. The resident of UK is the person who is having no restriction for immigrants on how much you can stay in UK and also have the permit to be employed in that country. The marriage visa allows the wide to live and work in UK. This permit also provides the opportunity to freely reside in the country without any type of restrictions.

Getting the citizenship In UK

Once, you have got the visa, your wife can stay in London for two years. After the visa period is over, your wife has to again required to apply for the visa extension to give additional permission of 30 months. Once, the visa get approved, the wife can apply Indefinite Leave to Remain that provides the wife the citizenship in UK.

There are various requirements for availing the UK spouse visa. You should follow all the below points before applying the visa for your wife. You can your wife should be above the age of 18 years of age. You can your wife should be legally married and you both should show intention to get married permanently. The husband should show enough financial status to support his wife. the resident partner in UK should be having enough accommodation facilities and should know English.


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