When you go to a different country, the most common question is how to get around for seeing as many places as you can and what is the easiest and cheapest way to move around. The answer is so simple for Kusadasi – and places alike- : Get a Motorbike. We mean, if somewhere is counted as one of the most popular touristic spots of the country; it is highly likely to face with an intense traffic while you’re trying to move around. Moreover, sometimes it can become almost impossible to travel between the places by car especially if you are visiting the place during the summer months. Even though you’re lucky enough to reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic, probably finding a parking spot will take so long and cause you to lose so much time. However, you don’t have to let those less serious problems to ruin your mood. Remember that you’re in Kusadasi and the only thing you should do is to enjoy yourself and fill your day with perfect plans.

That’s the reason why we’re bringing you an alternative proposal: Rent a Motorcycle in Kusadasi. While you’re in there, things you can do are numerous. The historical texture of Kusadasi is so impressive and full of places worth to see that are close to each other. In order to ease your trip and make a good use of your precious time, possible to travel from one to another by a motorbike.

How to choose a proper motorbike is one of the frequently asked questions. We would like to give you some tips which might be useful:

  1. First of all don’t be in rush when you rent you motorbike, you will be shown lots of different brands and types of motorbikes that has different features. Making comparisons is a good start.
  2. Ask yourself about your needs as well as your priorities. To give an example, if the only thing you want is to get access from one place to another and be safe during your trip, you don’t need a bike which has a high speed limit. If you be clear and explain all your requirements like that to the authorised person in the rental company, you will prevent a lot of risks such as overspending.
  3. Try not to leave any unanswered questions in your mind; don’t hesitate to ask everything to provide further clarification about your potential rental motorcycle.
  4. Ask about the insurance. Don’t presume that the insurance in included the rental price, make sure that the rental company is also providing you with insurance.
  5. Last but not least, you will be requested to sign a rental agreement which may consist of a lot of pages. READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT YOUR FIRST TIME. Rental companies may draw up different rental contracts, in order to prevent future problems, allocating some time and reading between the lines is an important point.

To sum up, if you have motorbike riding experience and if you are not travelling around with a big group of people – of course renting multiple bikes is also another option- take our advice and get a motorbike in Kusadasi. Have fun!


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